1 February 2014

How to: Get Your Hit of Hyaluronic

Here's a little lesson on the stuff for starters: Produced in our bodies as its own hydrator and found naturally in the eyes, skin, joints and brain, Hyaluronic Acid is an anti-inflammatory, hydrating compound which decreases with age as we lose the ability to hold it, resulting in achier joints and drier complexions. It's something we can't be without - holding 1000 times its weight in water which keeps our skin plump and our joints moving. Lesson over, onto the products which are packed with a healthy dose of HA...

A trusty tube of Hydraluron is forever restocked for my stash. Smoothed on daily - more of a night time routine member for me, post-toner, pre-moisturiser - this thin serum sinks right in, providing long-lasting hydration from beneath the skin and grabbing onto further nourishment. 

By the same Indeed Lab geniuses, comes Hydraluron's Moisture Boosting Mask - these are of the sheet sort, infused with a hefty dose of the ingredient in question allowing thirsty skin to get a good drink. They work out pretty pricey at £19.99 for a four pack and I wouldn't advise re-using, but as a monthly treat, pre-big event or when the skin is lacking a little moisture, they're exactly what you need. Side note: Just pre-warn your other half before use - they ain't pretty - mine had quite the fright when he walked in to find me with this draped over my mug. 

Then comes an ingestible sort, and the first of its kind; Fountain - The Hyaluronic Molecule is a Hyaluronic Acid packed beauty supplement which keeps the skin supple from within. A gel-like liquid with a gentle ginger hint acting as an absorption enabler, it should be washed down twice a day - I usually follow with a glug of water or mix it in a glass of juice. Vegan friendly, it's also free from artificial colours and flavours, though just sweetened with Xylitol, a contributor to dental health - who knew?! It's been a part of my supplement diet for the past 3 weeks and I'm starting to notice a difference in my skin and energy levels - could it be down to this? Heck knows, but I'm willing to keep taking the stuff.  It'll make a regular dent in your bank balance at £24.99 for a 2 month supply, so I don't plan to be all too religious with repurchasing, maybe three times a year as a bit of a 'top up'. Hydration hit, fixed...


  1. Lets Talk Beauty1 February 2014 at 10:44

    I really like Hydraluron & am excited to try their new masks.


  2. I hope the Hydraluron masks turn up in Australia soon! The Indeed Labs products do seem to make their way over here quite quickly so hopefully we won't be waiting long.

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  3. I love the Hydraluron, it has made such a difference to my skin in the past six months or so, my skin would hate me if I stopped using it! I've tried the masks once and they're great too, I agree they're a little pricey but if you get them when they're on offer (1/3 off) they aren't too bad :) Great post lovely.
    Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  4. If you like Hydraluron, you'll love, love, LOVE these :-)

  5. Ah, I hope they make their way over there sometime soon Laura :-)

  6. Agreed! Such a good deal at the moment - you'll lurrrve these :-)

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