5 February 2014

From Sample to Full Size

Nothing screams cute like pint-sized versions of my favourite products - Let's face it, it's those dinky beauties which lead me to make the full size splurge in the first place. Not only do they lend a helping hand making up your mind in terms of the 'do-I, don't I?' purchase plunge, they also make space-saving travel companions (meaning you can pack twice as much). In some cases, the full size has even lead me to sought after a sample of that product to keep me covered when I'm parted from my stash. Either way, here are some of my prized product picks in both little and large...

With Caudalie's Divine Oil it was a different story. I already owned the full size spritz which came as part of a limited ed. gift and is the perfect addition to my bathroom cabinet as a multi-tasking treatment, but is a bit too chunky for travel so when I spotted it in dinky form by the till in Sephora (they got you right there FYI), in my basket it went - a hair, bath, body, face and cuticle oil all in one, done

Well, now I've said the Sephora word - I upgraded my baby Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rose Tint that once arrived in a beauty box, to the mumma sized original as it's pretty tough to track down on UK turf. A pretty hint of pink came with a swipe of the Rose Tinted option, but going by the super nourishing, sublime texture and sherbet lemon-like scent, I knew the standard stick would be just as awesome. Same goes for Anastasia's eye-centric cosmetics - a previous Cult Beauty order came with an added bonus when a pocket-sized Lash Genius was thrown in for good measure. This clear topcoat makes non-waterproof mascaras waterproof, preventing the dreaded panda-eye. Genius? Too right.

My thirsty skin soon drunk up a decent sized tester of the Nuxe Multi-usage Dry Oil - much akin to Caudalie's sort, use it pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Non-greasy and quick sinking, the spa like smell is dreee-amy but I couldn't help but eye-up the shimmer laden spray version. It does the same job but leaves limbs with a subtle bronzy sheen - I reckon this will be making regular outings come summer evenings. 

Japans take on Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour formula is the Yu-Be Skin Moisturising Cream. An initial slick comes with a strong menthol scent which fades minutes on, but its hefty dose of glycerin nicely nourishes lips, elbows, feet and all, so its no wonder a teeny mini comes everywhere with me and the bigger tube stands on my bedside. I don't know about you, but lugging a full size nail lacquer has never ended well for me, so this is where a downsized OPI Nail Envy comes in. A layer of the stuff goes on every-other-day after first application to speedily strengthen nails, whether it's for your handbag or a holiday it fits just the bill...


  1. Berrie-Blogs.blogspot.com5 February 2014 at 11:40

    I would love to try the Nuxe oil!

    Berrie-Blogs: Beauty Blog x

  2. I am the worst at passing up the sample sizes near the counter at Sephora. Seriously, the worst haha. 99% of the time, a cute, mini impulse buy makes its way into my bag.


    Lovely Notions

  3. The Sephora check out area is more dangerous than the entire rest of Sephora!! I have to restrain myself every time. But they have such good mini-sized things there...

    I just got a foil package sample of the Nuxe oil, so I'm excited to try it, after hearing about it from everyone. And I got a teeny tiny Yu-Be cream in a Birchbox once, and that one is stored in my take-on-the-plane toiletry bag. It's really good on flights!

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  4. Love the Yu Be cream! It works so well! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  5. Love the NUXE oil and I absolutely agree that the Sephora checkout really gets you every single time!

  6. It's awesome stuff :-)

  7. I can totally agree with that Amber ;-)

  8. Haha, agreed!! Ah they're both fab, I'm sure you'll love the Nuxe oil ;-)

  9. Agreed! Fab stuff ;-)

  10. Oh yes. A VERY dangerous place to be ;-)

  11. beautiful products!!


  12. Aww I've never seen a mini OPI Nail Envy before, so cute. Minis get me every time, I'm normally more excited about them than the thing I actually ordered haha :)

    xx Claire

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