23 February 2014

Five Beauty Highlights: Week #7

   This past week via Instagram: @jessicabeautician

Train Makeup Touch ups. Ok I lie, it wasn't just a makeup touchup, it was a whole train journey transformation - I had a mere ten minutes to hot foot it to my ride to London after a half day at work, and so stuffing an on-the-go pouch with my current fave makeup picks was the only thing for it. And it didn't stop there, nails got a slick or two of paint and I think I did an alright job on a rickety train tray table as apposed to my usual sturdy manicure station set-up.

My face in MUJI. See previous post for the full low-down, but basically in celebration of their popular acrylic storage drawers, MUJI held a beauty event on Tuesday night where there was all sorts going on. It was a fab night and seeing the little project I've been working with them on come together made me pretty chuffed indeed. 

Meeting Lily Pebbles. And what a lovely gal she is, not to mention even more stunning in the flesh - is it wrong that I couldn't stop staring at her flawless skin? I managed to grab Lily for a quick snap and 5 minute chat at said MUJI event where her face also featured alongside mine and Nouvelle Daily as part of the new beauty blogger themed storage bay. 

Diptyque decisions... Probably one of the toughest choices a gal has gotta make, non? Figuier is my all time fruity candle fave, but in time for Spring I've been craving something a little more floral and I believe I've settled on a good'un. Stay tuned for a mahoosive Space NK haul to see which fragrance made the bag...

Nails, Nakd and a new Allure. With a side order of stacking rings slowly building up on my fingers, I've been extending further details onto my tips with some experimental nail art. On another note, Nakd bars have become something I regularly snack on. Addicted. I'm currently munching my way through every flavour, but I'll save all the healthy talk for my next skin food post. On another, other note, I picked up the latest copy of Allure, which updates last September's well-flicked-through edition that I grabbed in New York. If you need me, my head will be deeply buried in this beauty fuelled reading material.

A date for your diary: Come 1st March, NARS will be adding a collection of matte Multiples to their twist-up stick line which are said to hang about permanently, or so I've heard through the beauty grape vines. Seven shades will total the selection; Altai, a rose bronze, Anguilla, a ginger pink, Cappadoce, a straight up bronze, Exumas, a warm apricot, Laos, a vibrant pinky coral, Siam, a bright red and Vientiane, a true tan. I've got a feeling one (or three) will be weening their way into my stash - take a peek over at Temptalia for some swoon-worthy swatches...


  1. Ah thanks Celina! I believe they ship there, but it's worth checking if you have a store nearby - definitely worth a swoon ;-)

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