26 February 2014

A Week in Skin Food: #5

The time has come for the next post in skin food - edited down to the top six eats of the last week; a breakfast, snack, lunch, drink/dessert, second snack and dinner, either homemade or out and about. Heads up: I’m no nutritionist but I'm a big believer in 'clean eating' principles and feel these fit the bill for ''you are what you eat''. Heads up again: I'm a pestacarian me, so I'm afraid everything you see is strictly meat free... 

Breakfast. Good ol' porridge. I make it with oats and almond milk, but can never eat the stuff on its own so I throw in a handful of mixed frozen berries with a scoop of manuka honey. As if that wasn't enough to start the day off on the right foot, I also whizzed up a smoothie with chia seeds, a banana, mixed berries and almond milk.

 Snack. With a mere few minutes to catch a late afternoon train and no food in my belly, I managed to grab a tub of mango, watermelon and pineapple fingers, washed down with a carton of Vita Coco - ''it's like sticking a straw in a coconut'', they said it right there. 

Lunch. Whereas with the beginning and the end of the day I've got a good idea what I'm doing meal-wise, lunch time is where I always get a bit stuck. But this day in particular, a peek into the pantry and a rake through the fridge suggested something a little stir-fry like. In the wok went some Udon Thick Noodles, quorn pieces, coconut milk, a medium red chilli, ginger, carrot strips, sweet corn, coriander and a splash of soy, with a side of cashews to be sprinkled on top, a cup of anti-oxidant rich green tea and glass of water to top it all off.

Drink. Freshly squeezed orange juice with ice. A good source of vit C. Simples. 

Snack. Nakd bars. Where have these been all my life? I'm obsessed. Smooshed fruits and nuts, nothing added, nothing removed, no added sugar or syrups, just exactly what it says in the ingredients. The contents are cold pressed as not to lose goodness and to keep things tightly packed together. They come in a whole load of flavours - the above wasn't as rhubarb and custardy as I'd hoped, but goooood nonetheless. The current faves are Mint Cocoa and Cashew Cookie FYI.

Dinner. Trying to track down a healthy food eatery amid a parade of fast food chains in the middle of a train station was proving to be a toughie until I came across the Camden Food Co. who serve up all things freshly sourced, organic and natural. I went for the hot salmon salad with leafy greens, crushed nuts, shredded beet, lemon and horseradish, as well as a side pot of wasabi peas . Wowza. These things taste awe-some. And for dessert, a pot of mixed grapes which doubled-up as my train back snack.


  1. Commenting on this naughtily at work (oops!) but I can't WAIT to watch this when I get home!! Pen and paper at the ready... T xx

  2. mmm, all looks so delicious!


  3. Haha! Hey, it's gotta be done sometimes Tamira ;-)

  4. Ahh it all looks so good! I love these posts and how you've laid it out, please continue making them! x

  5. Thanks so much Emily - it encourages me to eat healthily, so I'll definitely keep it up ;-)

  6. If Space NK was available in Canada, my bank account would be crying all the time. It sounds heavenly there! I've also taken a peek at what they offer online and I just want to add everything we don't have here in Canada to my basket. It'll be a dangerous place when I visit the UK some day. xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  7. Haha, yes definitely visit with a healthy bank balance ;-) But hey, you guys have Sephora and we don't - you always want what you can't have, eh?! x

  8. I really feel like I need a big beauty shopping trip after this!

    Autumn Leaves - UK Beauty Blog

  9. Love space NK, just discovered there is one in Manchester and already I predict that it will somehow absorb 50% of my disposable income, I included a Space NK purchase in my recent haul video featured on my blog.


    Grace xx

  10. Haha! Sorry Rebecca ;-)

  11. Uh oh, that sounds dangerous - I'm glad there's not one TOO near me ;-)

  12. Love this post and your blog!



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