18 January 2014

The Many Uses of Dr Lipp

How many beauty uses can you fit into one tiny tube? Quite a lot it may seem. Things don't get much more multi-purpose than Dr Lipp's Original Nipple Balm for Lips - the name says it all: originally used as a balm post-breastfeed, this number one ingredient was soon discovered to sort out many other dilemmas. Made from 100% fragrance-free lanolin, Dr Lipp is is pretty thick, and I mean thick as in bust-a-nail-trying-to-squeeze-the-stuff-out kind of thick, but it's said to reduce skin roughness by 40% within an hour, and I can quite agree. Nips aside, here's a lengthy list of its other beauty uses...

Lip replenisher. For me, it's more of a pre-sleep bedside table lip treatment as it takes some smearing on, and it's one to become a barrier on the surface, protecting moisture from leaving the skin, yet still allowing it to breath so I let it work its magic whilst I snooze - come morning, my pout is plumped, replenished and flake-free.

Brow setter. After running through with some colour, I'll warm a dot of Dr Lipp through my ring fingers, slick it through my brows and brush them into shape with a spoolie. The results? Nicely groomed with not an unruly strand out of place. 

Glossy lid look. Sounds a little funny, but stay with me now - a slick on the eye lids, paired with lashings of mascara and a matte, neutral lip sums up simple, yet stunning. No makeup makeup day, sorted. 

Sheeny cheeks. Though it's shimmer-free, patted onto cheekbones gives a fresh, dewy glow that comes across as uber natural. An option to opt for when your sporting something smoky on the eyes and aim to keep the rest of the face a lot more low-key.

Pigment bonder. That drawer of pigments still gathering dust because of application issues? Get involved with this. With a slightly tacky texture, it grips onto pigments when they're packed on top, allowing for long lasting look.

Pout primer. Slicked on pre-bold lip shade acts as a primer, cancelling out chapped bits for a smooth surface - or press on top to add a glossy finish to your fave lipstick.

Dry skin saviour. Whatever the area, a light layer will inject a hefty dose of moisture; elbows, knees, feet, you name it, Dr Lipp will fix it. Sidenote: when my skin is going through a dry patch spell, I'll pop a bit on those 'clingy' areas pre-foundation application to ensure an even, patch-free face.

Eczema soother. Hypoallergenic and clinically proven, the formula is in fact recommended for eczema sufferers - the lanolin's natural oils, waxes and lipids are similar to those found in our own skin, and so they're readily accepted and absorbed. You'll be waving off those dreaded dry patches in no time...

Abrasion healer. See above, basically - it's also bacteriostatic, repelling bacteria from entering the skin. Cuts, abrasions, burns or sore bits are soon healed and hydrated. 

Cuticle conditioner. As well as being my bedside staple, it's also one of my in-flight pouch essentials for obvious reasons. Once dry bits and chapped lips have been tended to, I'll massage it into each nail base for super soft cuticles minus the greasy residue.

Aftersun aider. If limbs are looking a little pink after a laying out in the rays for an hour too long, slather on some balm alone or mix in a few drops of lavender and you've got yourself a healing, hydration treatment. 

For £11.50 a pop here I'm urging you to give it a go. And if that list of tips and tricks isn't enough to convince you then I'm not sure what will - I don't know why you wouldn't want this addition to your stash. After all, all the cool makeup artists are using it...


  1. I'm glad it's actually meant to be so hard, I recently picked one up and thought I'd got a dodgy one it's so much effort to squeeze out! I'll be trying out all these suggestions now :)

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  2. I love this stuff so much, I recently had really bad eczema under my eyes and this has completely returned my face back to normal in under a week!

  3. A-ma-zing! Agreed - it's miracle stuff ;-)

  4. I love multi-use products like this and it's not even that pricey! Definitely one I would like to try out.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  5. Now I kinda want to try it...


  6. If you love multi-use, you'll lurrrve this :-)

  7. I've had a sample tube of this sitting around for ages, but I think it's about to be rekindled as a brow setter, pigment bonder, and eczema soother. xo

    Lillian from parisiantobe.com

  8. Lets Talk Beauty19 January 2014 at 20:44

    I love this lip balm & think it works wonders. My lips are so soft after using it


  9. Agreed! It really does work wonders :-)

  10. So many uses, sounds like it's worth every penny!

    Kate xo / www.beautybabbles.com

  11. And more! It's amazing stuff :-)


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