28 January 2014

The Cleansing Cloth Edit

Things don't get any less glamorous than a chat about cleansing cloths, do they now? But if you're a swipe with a makeup wipe kinda gal then I'm going to need you to listen up. Nothing says 'deep clean' to me quite like a fresh, hot, steamy flannel pressed onto the face post cleansing balm application, and I'm not talking about those shoddy ol' muslin sheets. Whether it's to see you through cleansing or even for face mask removal, they're an essential to have stashed in your bathroom cabinet and cheap enough to rotate daily - here are the three kinds that put together my pile...

The budget buy. - Primark wash cloths pack of 3 £1.50 - *Ahhh* a standard fluffy flannel, a hot standard fluffy flannel at that - and where better to pick up a wad when you want to go back to basics? Every scrap of makeup is wiped away with no scratchy surface, they're super soft and stay super soft, wash up nicely after being chucked in the machine, no stains, no crispiness, no nothing, just cheap and cheerful. Simples. 

The double-sider. - Emma Hardie Cleansing Cloths pack of 3 £10.00 - One side muslin, one side micro-fibre - I find the muslin a little too rough for face makeup removal but it moves off mascara quite nicely. I then flip it over and use the flannel-like front to take off the remainders - it means I know which side has done what and it doesn't all get merged into one big mess. There's also a nifty little loop on one corner, meaning it can be hung up to dry. My one quibble? These don't come up so squeaky clean (so please excuse the slight tinge)... 

The easy sweep. - Sarah Chapman Cleansing Mitts pack of 4 £12.00 - Slotting over all four fingers for ease of sweep, these mitts are in fact dual action too, though not so noticeable as EH's - both faces are wash cloth material, one side just feels slightly more sloughing so again I reserve the softness for eye makeup take off. Though they're the priciest pack of all, I'd say they're my faves, simply because you have more control to your cleansing. 

Sidenote: I opt for a wad in plain white - they may look a little gross, but they show the leftovers if any, whereas darker shades won't make it so easy. Utterly simple cleansing cloth edit concluded. I promise my next post will be a little more exciting...


  1. That's already exciting enough imo since an effective cleansing routine is crucial for a beautiful skin.
    Big like for this post.

  2. I always felt the Emma Hardie ones got worn out too fast
    I do love a good Primark flannel but I really need to try the Sarah Chapman ones :) x

  3. Ha, so the Liz Earle muslin cloths I just bought are going to need to be retired, eh? I'm curious about the Emma Hardie and Sarah Chapman ones (and if I can get the in/shipped to the US.)

    Another reason not to use dark washcloths is if there is any linty falloff, you won't see dark fibers all over your face. (This lesson was learned by using a black Debenhams flannel, thinking it would be perfect since you wouldn't see my eye makeup rubbed off on it. Instead, you saw the flannel rubbed off on my face!)

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  4. Ive been using the Liz Earle muslin cloths for a while and they don't feel very soft, even the brand new ones feel a bit scratchy, I actually bought a set of the Primark wash cloths last week so will give one a go tonight! Would love to try the Sarah Chapman ones, her products are amazing.
    Beauty by Alicee xoxo

  5. I love using the cath kidston flannels, they're really soft and have such pretty patterns!

    Kate xo / www.beautybabbles.com

  6. Agreed! Ah thanks, glad you liked :-)

  7. Can't beat a good ol' Primark flannel ;-) Ah you must Roxanne! x

  8. Ah each to their own, I just find them a little scratchy! Otherwise they're great for a blot post-toner ;-) Try FeelUnique or Space NK for the others! Haha good point Shani ;-) x

  9. Agreed - a little to scratchy for my liking! Her products sure are amazing, LOVE her Overnight Facial :-) x

  10. Amazing, I'll bare those in mind when I need some replacements ;-) x


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