31 January 2014

A Day in Skin Food: #4

Breakfast. I've always been a savoury breakfast feaster, and unless there's a slice of leftover pizza hanging about in the fridge, I'll dish up my favourite, smushed avocado on granary toast. I scrape it out of the shell, mash it up, throw in some lime juice and black pepper, spread it on the bread and sprinkle with dried chilli. The green stuff contains a hefty dose of good fats, is high in vitamin E and potassium, and chilli is high in vitamin C and antioxidants such as vitamin A - if you can't handle the hot stuff, maybe add some tomato or coriander as a replacement. 

Drink. It's not the best tasting refresher, but Vita Coco is an amazing natural hydrator. Three ingredients make up this juice; coconut water, less than 1% fruit sugar and vitamin C, it's packed with naturally occurring electrolytes, has more potassium than a banana and comes in a load of different flavours .*stocks up, gulps down*.

Lunch. My name's Jessica and I'm a sushi foodie... I sampled the stuff for the first time last year and it was love, but only recently did I take a trip to YO! Sushi. Where have YO! been all my life? (And I promise I didn't go just for the conveyor belt concept). I snacked on the assorted fish maki of salmon, tuna and cooked prawn - raw fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, rice supplies protein and seaweed is high in iodine. Edamame, which are unripe green soy beans, are one of the best sources of complete protein as they contain all nine essential amino acids - if you're after extra flavour, throw in some spring onion for a bit of a kick. A naughtier choice was the fried aubergine in harusame sauce - grilled is a healthier option, but this was super tasty and still only 82 kcals. Lastly, the Inari (Yack! Don't recommend) - just a sweet soy bean curd pocket stuffed with rice. I picked out the innards and left the skins as they were a little too sweet but a good option for the veggies among us nonetheless. Next on my shopping list? An at-home sushi making kit...


  1. Ahhhh, the avocado with dried chili flakes sounds soooo good. I have to try that! I've always been more of a savory breakfast eater as well, though I do like my occasional waffles and pancakes with honey and lemon.

    I was pretty skeptical of Vita Coco being a healthy drink, as there's a lot of drinks out there that claim to be healthy but really aren't! Looking at those stats though, I'll have to remind myself to give it a closer look in the supermarket.

    Wonderful post as always!

    xx becky / star-violet.com

  2. Not gonna lie, I do like the odd syrupy waffle Becky ;-) Agreed! Some have so much hidden sugar, but this is nothing but goodness! x

  3. I've never tried avocado but this inspires me too :)

    Kate xo / www.beautybabbles.com


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