29 January 2014

2013 Beauty Favourites: Makeup, Tools, Nails & Fragrance

If you haven't yet sussed exactly why my 2013 beauty favourites was split into a two-parter, cue a near twenty minute ramble for the second part of this series which features the makeup, tool, nail and fragrance discoveries that really 'wowed' me over the past 12 months. Expect to see a total of four face bases, an eye product for every situation and the nail care crew that keep my tips looking top notch...

28 January 2014

The Cleansing Cloth Edit

Things don't get any less glamorous than a chat about cleansing cloths, do they now? But if you're a swipe with a makeup wipe kinda gal then I'm going to need you to listen up. Nothing says 'deep clean' to me quite like a fresh, hot, steamy flannel pressed onto the face post cleansing balm application, and I'm not talking about those shoddy ol' muslin sheets. Whether it's to see you through cleansing or even for face mask removal, they're an essential to have stashed in your bathroom cabinet and cheap enough to rotate daily - here are the three kinds that put together my pile...

27 January 2014

Recommendations Welcome...

The tables are turning in today's post, as I'm requesting recommendations from you. Your comments are always considered, chuckled at and extremely enabling - I trust you lot and the suggestions you're usually sending my way, let's face it, we're all in the same boat. But three things currently leave me a bit befuddled, scents aren't so much my strong point and I tend to rely heavily on reviews, so whether you've tried or tested any of the below, or you're just willing to offer your two cents' worth, then I'm all ears...

22 January 2014

2013 Beauty Favourties: Skin, Hair and Body Care

A year's worth of beauty babbling crammed into two videos? It can only mean one thing. My 2013 favourites have arrived and I'm serving up the skincare, haircare and body care bits for starters -  If you know me well, you'll know what to be expecting; Kate Somerville's cult cream, Oribe's wonder spray and Dr Bronner's magic multi-tasker to name but a few. Stay tuned for part two, the makeup, nails and the rest which will be heading in the direction of your YouTube subscription boxes shorty, but in the meantime grab a cuppa and take a gander at what's done it for me over the past 12 months...

20 January 2014

January Blues Be Gone...

I don't know about you, but sure enough the January blues have kicked in for me and as tempted as I am to welcome a lumie light box into my life, I'm heading down the beautifying route in an attempt to lift my spirits. Say hello to the mood boosting oils, a comfort candle and an easy detox as these miracle numbers are working their wonders, seeing me right through 'til spring...

18 January 2014

The Many Uses of Dr Lipp

How many beauty uses can you fit into one tiny tube? Quite a lot it may seem. Things don't get much more multi-purpose than Dr Lipp's Original Nipple Balm for Lips - the name says it all: originally used as a balm post-breastfeed, this number one ingredient was soon discovered to sort out many other dilemmas. Made from 100% fragrance-free lanolin, Dr Lipp is is pretty thick, and I mean thick as in bust-a-nail-trying-to-squeeze-the-stuff-out kind of thick, but it's said to reduce skin roughness by 40% within an hour, and I can quite agree. Nips aside, here's a lengthy list of its other beauty uses...

17 January 2014

Hourglass' Double-Ended Complexion Brush

A low-down on the ultimate travel-tool has been a long time in the works, ever since it snuck its way into my suitcase upon my return from New York in fact. Hourglass' Double-Ended Complexion Brush is indeed the blender in question - it's accompanied me on several getaways since, whether it's been as an in-flight pouch essential, a handbag touch-up or simply paired with a couple of fluffy eye brushes within my in-transit makeup bag, it's sure won its 'travel tool' title. These heads would be just as awesome individually, but together? Even better - you know the words, ''When twooo become oneee...''

15 January 2014

A Day in Skin Food: #2

My first 'A Day in Skin Food' seemed to go down quite well with you lot (no pun intended) - so I'm serving up another round. Three healthy foody picks, or drinks, from my week make up this feature, not necessarily all from the same day, but each aid in feeding the skin from the within and I'm going into details here as to why. You are what you eat is true say - diet leads to health, health leads to the impact on our complexions - you get the picture...

10 January 2014

The Two-Step Toning Trick

Toner; probably the most 'Marmite' product of the skincare world - you either like it or hate it, use it or you don't. It was once a step I'd speedily sweep on and be done with, but taking more time in a second stage post-cleanse and turning things up a notch by throwing a hydration hit into the mix to form a two-step exfoliating-hydrating pair has changed my complexion's texture for the better. The duo that's been doing it for me involves slightly stripping the skin, in a good way, followed by a layer of moisture - and they just seem to go together like two peas in a product pod...

9 January 2014

Post-Flight Saviours

You've previously seen the beauty bits which pad out my in-flight pouch, now it's time for the saviours post-plane ride - the part when me (and my skin) feel it most. After recently touching back down on UK turf, I had a mental image of a product lot which I just couldn't seem to shake off; the rehydrators, sleep aiders and illness savers. Bright-eyed and bushy tailed hours on, I only have this ritual to thank - here's how it goes...

8 January 2014

A Day in Skin Food: #1

Me and food get on really well, probably a bit too well. I'd go as far as saying eating is my best hobby, in fact, my at-home nickname is 'The Fridge Hoover', true say - and so I'm welcoming a new feature to the blog that involves all things foody, though of the healthier sort, the good stuff to benefit the skin. One day of the week, I'll document three meals, snacks or drinks (and hope to catch a snap before devouring said foods) be it all in the same day or picked out from different days, sharing what's so good about them and why. And so without further-a-do, here's my first instalment - I'll be leaving my weekend scoff-yourself-silly ritual to your imagination...

6 January 2014

Sephora Splurgin' (Again...)

Not gonna lie, I believe my heart may have recently experienced a skipped beat when my sights were unexpectedly reunited with the biggest, bestest, fully bulked-out beauty haven known to any cosmetic maven, that place none other than Sephora (you got it in one). Spotted from the opposite end of the mall to the other, I hot-footed it right on over there - head-hung-low boyfriend in tow, I didn't have a lot of time but seeing as the offerings here weren't as wide as what I got a taste for in The Big Apple, I still managed to make some pretty snappy decisions...

2 January 2014

New Year's Beauty Resolutions

January 1st, the time of the year where healthy outlooks on life are made (and in my case, well and truly broken a week on), exactly the reason why I'm not usually one for resolutions - I simply suck at sticking to 'em. But this year I plan to give it things good stab with not one, not two, but three beauty-related vows, two of which I think will be a breeze to keep, but my number one pledge might take a little (a lot) more willpower, don't hold me to it. Here goes...

1 January 2014

The Morning Detox After the New Years Eve Before...

Party-goer? Nope, not me. Though there is one night of the year where I'm quite happy to let my locks down, that occasion being NYE - things usually get a bit wild, and the other night was no different. It involved celebrating, resolution making and a few too many champagne flute clinks, but roll forward to the not-so-fruity morning after, where the idea of a detox to start the year off on the right foot seemed like a good one and, as always, I'm bringing it back down to beauty...
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