27 December 2013

The Muji Drawers: Party Season Edition

My latest Muji stack rotation has come at ya with a bit of a difference, not only this time in video form, but as of late I've been scrabbling about for my 'save 'em for special occasions' picks, and thought more of a party season edit was in order as opposed to what would have been my Winter edition, being it very much party season with New Years just around the corner too. I've rounded up the glitter, the shimmer, the lashes and red lips, and topped up my triple-drawer tower ready to grab-and-go for all festive outings, so to take a peek at what's currently padding it out, hit the title at the top of the video to open a new tab for a full viewing. As always, all links, info and makeup mentioned has been typed-up in the description box below - enjoy! ...


1 comment

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