15 December 2013

November Favourites

Better late than never, eh? My November favourites have finally rocked up, and this time I can't say they feature any rediscovered loves, as the bits you see here are all new to my brood - some may be recently-featured-on-the-blog-picks including a cleanser that works wonders (the clue is in its name), a foundation that comes in at first place on the base leader board for this brand and the blush that I've brushed on pretty much every autumn day since owning it. Then have a listen out for some unsung heroes; a travel friendly tool, which I've in fact been popping on my products with on a regular basis, a root refresher that has served a different purpose for my locks, as well as a whole bunch of hand and nail bits to sort out my mitts in these winter months. Click the title at the top of the video in the 'read more' section and that'll open up the video alone in a fresh new tab with all the links and info hiding away in the description box underneath. Enjoy! ...


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