31 December 2013

My Makeup: New Year's Eve

If there's any excuse to load up the lips and lashes, it's NYE. My plans exactly. After a Muji stack re-shuffle party season stylee, I had a well-thought out theory of what'd be gracing my face on the night in question - shimmer, glitter and all the good stuff aside, longevity is key, and so sweat-proof, photo-ready picks had to be taken into consideration to ensure all would survive through the night. Here's what I'll be conjuring up...

The base should hang around on the face for the same amount of hours you spend on the dance floor, and that could be a while. I'm going straight in with my foundation fave, YSL's Le Teint Touch Eclat - fresh, dewy and lasts long-time. There's a little SPF in there, but nothing to cause a flashback face when a lens is thrust in front of you. Paired with it is Nourish's Golden Glow Skin Illuminating Serum, one of those skincare/highlighter hybrids which can be a base for your foundation, mixed in with it or popped on top. The results are super-subtle glowy, picking up on all the high-points. A dusting of Guerlain's Terracotta Bronzer gives a healthy flush, and can be chucked in your clutch for bathroom touch-ups.

The eyes I'm keeping pretty low-key as lips are my main focus. Here's where Chanel's Charming palette comes in - a pat of vanilla sheen in the tear duct for a bit of an eye brighten (those spongey applicators are fab for that FYI), a light beige lid wash, a bit of shimmery bronze in the crease and smudgey line of chocolate along the upper lashes. Simples. Follow that with a couple of Shu Uemura Lash Curler squeezes and finish with lashings of YSL's Les Singulier Mascara. Eyes complete. But I'm taking it another fluttery step further using Eylure's Individual Short-Med Lashes on the outter corners for that extra somethin' somethin' and thanks to Duo's Lash Adhesive, they won't have ended up half-way down my cheeks come the stroke of midnight. 

The lips are what it's all about, and if you too are going bold, you're gonna want a slick that requires little or no tending to, cue YSL's Glossy Stains - mine is in the shade #14 Fuchsia Dore - build them up in three even layers, and you've got yourself ├╝ber opaque, stay-put colour which won't even transfer a pout print onto your champers glass. 

The extras include the NUXE Multi-Usage Dry Oil with golden shimmer to spritz on exposed limbs, Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray for a bit of a root spruce up and through my GHD'd curls, and OPI's GelColor in Russian Navy, a deepest-darkest blue adorning my nails (it's love).

Be it lips and lashes, a low-key look or a face mask in bed, be sure to have a good'un whatever your plans. And on a soppy side note, thank you for all of your support on this blog throughout the year, it means a heck of a lot - here's to a hefty beauty-bumf filled 2014... *cheers! clink, clink*.


  1. Gorgeous! Love the lips, what shade is the Glossy Stain? It looks stunning on you! Wishing you a Happy New Year Jessica and I look forward to many more fantastic blog posts to come :)

  2. You look so beautiful...love the makeup!!
    I'm wishing you a happy New Year and a great night... ;-)

  3. Which shade is the ysl stain in??

  4. Cheers, Jessica :) Happy 2014! Love the look especially the lips! xx

  5. Happy New Year, you look gorgeous, that Chanel quad is seriously stunning!

  6. Ah thanks Rhiannon! Sorry I completely missed that out - it's in the shade #14 Fuchsia Dore. Happy New Year! :-)

  7. Thanks so much Andreia! Happy New Year to you too :-)

  8. Sorry, missed that bit out! It's in the shade #14 Fuchsia Dore :-)

  9. Thanks love! Happy New Year to you too *cheers!* :-)

  10. Thanks Claire! Isn't it a beaut?! Happy New Year to you too :-)

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