17 December 2013

Christmas Comfort Candles

Calling fellow candle fiends, 'tis the season for prime burning time (though I'm a religious year-round burner myself) and nothing sums up a cosy evening in better than a roaring wick with a wintery whiff. My sickly-sweet cookie scented Yankee Candle days are long-gone, instead, I've stepped it up, striking a match to a more luxurious lot in a shrine-like surrounding. Pricer? Definitely. But they have every reason to be, and so I've put together an edit where I can take you for a virtual sniff of my Christmassy comforting candle trio...

The chunkiest of the bunch is Neom's Christmas Harmonize Candle. Surrounded by frosted silver glass, this treble wick-er gives off warming scents of pine, cedarwood and eucalyptus - think the best smelling Christmas tree. Ever. Formulated without any nasties, these are made up purely of soy wax and essential oils, have a soot-free clean and even burn, and go strong for a good 50 hours - that's a whole lot of candle time. Although these last an absolute age, when I've made it right down to the depths I plan to resurrect the jar as something practical to crack out at Christmas time. Potpourri pot? Tea-light holder? Suggestions welcome.

This Works' Black Spice and Cedar Candle doesn't look anything too special without a flickering flame, but light it up and it'll give a gorgeous ombre-like glow as it makes its way down. Warm and spicy festive fragrances fill the room with hints of cinnamon, cedarwood, orange and clove when this one gets going, and there'll be forty fragrant hours to come from it. P.s I found mine amidst a whole stack in TK Maxx for £14.99 - well worth a rummage. 

Completing the cut is Miller Harris's Terre De Bois Candle. Can we just take a second to swoon at its packaging please? Top marks, top marks. Fresh, green and woody; vetiver, Malay patchouli and verbena form the base notes, which contrast with galbanum, clary sage and juniper, topped off with accents of citrus and spice. Another 40 hour-long burner, it's also one of those which will give off wafts even when not alight, resulting in you reaching for that blanket and cosying-up in no time. Hold that thought...


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