5 December 2013

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

Being a self-confessed product-aholic, I wasn't going to have my festive present picks any other way; a beauty junkies Christmas gift guide, for other beauty junkies. Wishlists at the ready ladies 'cause there's been some real corkers released this year - some sets mentioned are limited edition, Christmas exclusives, others are available year round but I still feel they'd be awesome ideas, and of course I couldn't scrimp on the candle front, so I've thrown in a few of those as well as a pile of beauty bibles all for good measure. Here's hoping every category has been covered with a wide price range and that you're able to pair up one or some of the featured gifts with any gals in your life, be it mother, girlfriend, wife or sister (heck, there might even be something in there for your Gran). Select the title at the top of the video, a new tab will open up and links to all things seen will be tucked away in the description box below. Enjoy!


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