23 November 2013

Top 10 Beauty Buys Under £10

The small fortune that has amassed on my Boots Advantage Card would suggest I love a good splurge in the drugstore, but send me there with a single crisp tenner in hand and a fair few gems soon come to mind which still fit the budget bill. I've clustered together my top ten product picks all for under £10 (minus a few exceptions... but hear me out) - some you may already be expecting if you're a regular watcher, but I've tried to chuck in a few unsung heroes as not to repeat my raves and rambles. Tap the title at the top of the video, a new tab will open up and the links to all the budget buys mentioned will be hiding away in that description box below. Enjoy! ...



  1. I need to get my hands on an expert face brush! So late on the bandwagon with that one. I love those hair turbans and the Dr Bronner's Magic soap as well xo Jess

    Your Daily Break

  2. Ah jump on the bandwagon Jess, it's such a fab brush ;-) x

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