14 November 2013

The Non-Face Masks

Ahh masks, my biggest skincare weakness. But when the word crops up, I do tend to automatically associate it with the face, though they don't just stop there. My complexion collection is growing rather nicely, and now my non-face mask assemblage seems to be building-up just as big. Some may make you snort at the thought with laughter, others may leave you eager to sample for yourself, so without further ado, here's my head-to-toe (literally) edit of all things deep-cleaning, skin-renewing and ultra-hydrating...
Now hear me out on this first one as Borghese's Fango Active Mud is for the face, but it's also for the body - I'll cake it on my chin and nose where blackheads are a bit of a bother as it's pretty amazing at giving them a good clear out, but being a sensitive skin gal, the odd bumps and blemishes can also make an appearance on the top of my back (nice). Here's where the boy comes in handy, as I'll get him to slather it on, I then busy myself in the bathroom with other primping and preening procedures for 20 minutes before jumping in the shower to give it a scrub off. The results? Pretty smoooth.

Here's where things get fun, as next in line is the ERB Up In Arms Underarm Detox Mask. A mask for your pits - have you ever anything of the sort? But listen up 'cause it's awesome stuff - packed with all things natural and free from nasties; White Clay to detoxify, Guava Leaf to cleanse and soothe, this mousse-like mask rids toxins, impurities, leftover odor and unblocks follicles, leaving things under there feeling super fresh with the added peppermint-y scent too. Upon initial test, I admit I strolled around, arms in air to stop things smearing but there's really no need as it dries quite quick and can be washed off after 10 mins.

The other item when the mask word comes to mind, face aside, is of the hair type and L'Occitane's Repairing Hair Mask does it for my locks on a regular basis. Dreamy, creamy, it goes on a damp head of hair, is left for 5 minutes before a rinse out, then followed by a blow-dry leaves strands shiny, soft and silky.

Not a mask as such, but Malin and Goetz's B5 Hand Treatment could well be - I smother my mitts in it before drifting off to sleep - think a creamier version of Origins' Overnight Intensive Face Mask (but for your paws) because come morning they've seriously sucked it up and are left feeling uber hydrated. An all-round nice nourisher without the slick, full of added Vitamin B5 and almond extract with absorbent fatty acids to balance pH levels and lock it all in. Then comes my fave part of a pedi - the OPI Foot Mask. It usually gets slapped on the feet with bare hands, before being wrapped up in sandwich-like bags (yes, really) - it keeps in the heat. This clay-based contender contains menthol to cool, whilst avocado and shea butter hydrate, cucumber soothes and the kaolin deep cleanses. 

Five masks for everywhere but the face (the first one half an exception). I feel a full body, mask-centric pamper coming on...

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