9 November 2013

A Bit Disappointing...

Most of the time you'll be hearing me having a good ol' rant and rave about my latest beauty love, but I feel it's just as fair to share the duds which don't really do it for me. A few bits instantly sprung to mind when the idea for this video came about, others I had to have a dig into the depths of my cosmetic clutter where the products that don't so much float my boat are found hiding at the bottom. There's probably a few shockers in the mix, even from some of the best brands out there (Chanel this is you), and for whatever reason we just haven't got on, that's not saying they won't do it for you either, so if you've given anything from this lot a go and found better ways of making them work then share away. If you tap the title that's at the top of the video, a new clip will open up and you'll be able to take a look at the list of products, links and whatever else that's tucked up inside that description box. Enjoy!



  1. The same thing happened to my Chanel eyeshadow! I managed to squish it back into the pot but now it's all cracked and it doesn't look nearly as nice!

  2. Ah glad it wasn't only me - what a bummer, eh?!


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