22 October 2013

The Discontinued and Their Dupes

It's just the way it goes, or so it seems; along comes a product, it may soon gain a 'staple' status then before you know it, it's snatched from within your reach. Vanished. Discontinued. No more. With limited edition pieces, we're aware this is will happen, but the permanents come with very little warning, if any, and I won't lie, it's a bit of a heart breaker (you feel me here?). There's a couple of cosmetics in my collection which I only wish would make a come back, but instead I'll have to make do with their dupes...

First up, SmashBox's Softbox Eye Palette. Harbouring 4 mattes, 5 shimmers and 2 creamy liner shades, all of which tickle my shadow taste buds, this one was sure enough neutral palette perfection. Dreamy pigmentation which stuck around for hours on end and blended in a breeze - oh, and a double-ended brush and mini primer base were thrown in for good measure as well. The next best thing? UD's NAKED Palette of course, a few of their colours a very close match. A creamy compact which helped put together a neutral cheek and pout was Bobbi Brown's Lip Quad. 'Blushed Rose' Pot Rouge took centre position with four pinky lip picks either side - I haven't found anything that resembles it, though this supersized version is super swoon-worthy indeed...

Illamasqua never fail to do something different, and their Powdered Metals were no exception. A light brush of this finely milled dust gave the skin a healthy hit, without appearing OTT or showing up pores (I had the shade Esther in case you were wondering). BECCA's Pressed Skin Perfector in Moonstone isn't as gold, but very much its double though in a compact. Part of MAC's short-lived Prêt-à-papier collection was the Dressmaker Dressmaker lippy. Now I'm not often one for limited editions, but this was love at first swipe; an all-round 'me' shade as a creamy peachy coral and since any chance of a backup has been removed from my reach, Shy Girl has been the closest I've found and will have to be its permanent replacement when the day comes - now that, I'm putting off for as long as possible. 

Bobbi's Long-Wear Shadows are one of the best out there in my eyes and I was too gutted when my fave shade 'Sand Castle', a reddy brown with subtle shimmer, got wiped out. When the twist-up stick sorts hit shelves, I opted for Sand Dune in the hope of it being a close copy. It's lighter and more beige, but just as beautiful. Hear me out this last one - the Avon Big Colour Eye Shadow Sticks are still out there, but they've had a bit of a revamp/shade change. Mine's a good few years old *wrist slap* but I can't bring myself to bin it. One end 'Burnished Copper', the other 'Golden Glamour', it's a one-sweep-wonders which equalled a smokey bronze eye in seconds. Before sharpening it down to a stub, I went on a dupe hunt and Rimmel's Scandaleyes Pencil in Bad Girl Bronze has done a pretty good job at taking it's place. Panic. Over...


  1. OMG why did I read this post? I just really want the smashbox softbox palette now haha! And I really want to try the becca shimmering skin perfecters (both powders and liquids) I haven't been able to get my hands on either yet! I hate that the Bobbi brown palettes that come out in collections are limited edition, they're so beautiful but it makes me not want to use them after I've bought them because I don't want them to run out! Same with the Mac mineralise skinfinishes that come out in the limited edition collections, they always look so pretty, why can't they be out all the time?!
    Eleanor x


    1. Haha, sorry! I did think before posting this could be a bit unfair! My thoughts exactly, but I'm with you on the Liquid Skin Perfector, it's STILL on my shopping list - we'd better pick that up in case it vanishes for good, eh?! Any excuse ;-) x

  2. I love the browny/bronzy eyeshadow crayons. Sand Castle looks lovely x x


    1. Ah me too Zoe! Such a shame Sand Castle is a goner... x

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