18 September 2013

Summer in the City

I've pre-warned before about my product over-packing, and if my New York toiletry bag was anything to go by, this would quite simply be summed up. A low down on all the beauty bits I lugged along would be a lengthy one indeed, so an edited version it is - here you have my recent holiday heroes, from head to toe for a short Summer break in the city...

Come evening, I'd remove eye makeup remains with a baby bottle of Bioderma, and the rest of my face with a scoop of RMK's Cleansing Balm paired with an EH wash cloth. On the toner front? I gave my face a morning mist with Caudalie's Beauty Elixir and then once again at night. A trusty can of LRP's Serozinc was also packed - Soothing, hydrating and one for keeping redness and blemishes at bay means it ticks all the boxes, and my skin seemed to love the two of these together. A lot. One of two masks my complexion can't be without is REN's Invisible Pores Detox. Clay based, it calms, de-congests and smoothed on once weekly is a saviour for smog clogged pores, especially in such sweltering city surroundings. Hydraluron came along to give my skin a hit of hydration, moisturiser wise it was a Muji pot filled with Origins Night-A-Mins and lastly, Lierac's Diopticalm Anti-fatigue Balm & Mask sorted out my puffy peepers.

Makeup is a whole other story, but the main SPF safe bases and heat survivors deserve another honourable mention. Clinique had me covered on the sunscreen side of things with their Sheer City Block - it won't give the coverage, so for that there's the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle - also on the sheer side of proceedings but corrects imperfections along the way, leaving a flawless finish with a hint of tint. To tackle my pesky dark circles Perricone MD's No Concealer Concealer did the trick. Thick in texture, it still manages to look skin-like and seamless whilst protecting the delicate under eye with its SPF duty. 

As for the sun protection, I gave Institut Esthederm a go. There's some serious science behind this stuff, but to simplify, they skip the SPF ratings and encourage your skin to do the work, building up protection and adapting to the sun naturally - even for my pasty pale, frazzle-prone flesh it really works. A quick all-over spritz of their Adaptasun Tanning Spray was what I did daily, it sinks in grease-free and smells awesome. I actually got into a routine of using this in the lead up to going away as it preps the skin and allows you to tan a whole lot faster.

I topped up before I headed off with a face-to-foot covering of Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe and it's safe to say it hangs around for at least 10 days after, but I lugged along a tube of the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle as an extra. A couple of pumps of this popped on gives your tan a bit of a boost, adds a subtle sheen and disguises any bruises, scratches or scars - for a stroll in the sun or for evening eats out it's my leg-makeup, holiday must have. For chest perfection when V-necks were worn, I popped on a pump of the This Works Perfect Cleavage, for a subtle sheen and smoothed out skin, then Caudalie's Divine Oil came into play when my legs needed a good ol' massage after the amount of miles walked.

A single drop of Ojon's Total Hair Therapy slicked through the tips pre-blow-dry acts as a heat protectant and tames any humidity influenced frizzy fly-aways. Then to save second day locks is Oribe's Dry Texturising Spray, not only that, it allows me to instantly achieve a whole load of 'oomph' when ruffled into the roots - I deem it Victoria Secret-stylee volume in a can...


  1. omg that cosmetics bag is adorable!

    1. Haha! I just couldn't walk free of Bloomingdale's without it ;-) x


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