22 September 2013

Skincare Servings

There's no denying that you can get a little carried away, slap-it-on-happy when it comes to skincare. I'll hold my hands up and hang my head in shame, but at the end of a long day or if I'm generally slacking on application, I can tend to head down the smother it on and hope for the best kind of route, but that's not necessarily the way about it - cue the 'less is more' line, but this is too true. A little goes a long way if you make it and so portioning off your skincare into sensible sized servings prevents product wastage aplenty. Here's the guide I go by...

Cleanser - 10p size for creams, 5p size for balms - Pumps are the best for serving up a single splodge, tubes are where I tend to easily squeeze out more than I need. When it comes to all things balmy such as Emma Hardie, usually housed in pots or tubs, I'll take a plastic Muji scoop and dip in - a smidgen of the solid oil soon melts, enough to smear all over, ridding tough-to-remove mascara in the process. Then if I feel the need for a deeper clean, I'll go for it again.
Exfoliator - 5p size - Take too big of a blob and you end up with grainy bits migrating towards your hairline - Oskia's Mirco-Exfoliating Balm* comes paired with a nifty spatula so you can scrape out a decent size without dunking in fingers, and so I'll focus on giving my forehead, nose and chin a subtle sanding first before rinsing off and letting the warm water and milky scrub combo wash over everywhere else.

Toner - 20p size on a cotton padPumps and pouring bottles should soak the centre of a cotton pad to then sweep over the skin. The spray sorts should be misted on 2-3 times - easy to go spritz overload when it comes to this - I know, I know... This happens with LRP's Serozinc too often - then left to settle or patted in with the palms.

Eye Cream - A rice grain size per eye - I always thought the more the better and packed the stuff on to sort out my pesky, puffy peepers but a minimal amount soaks in enough to do the job tapped on those bags with the ring finger - Lierac's Diopticalm Antifatigue Balm and Mask is currently doing it for my eyes.

Serum - 5p size - I'll go for a dollop, allow my skin to drink up and add to it if needs be, neck and all. Hydraluron is a good'un, a gel type texture which is non-sticky, sinks in and gives souped-up hydration to thirst quenched skin.

Face Oil  - 2-3 drops - That or a quarter of the pipette does the trick for me, I'll dab it on, press it in and inhale the essential oil goodness. It's happened, I've slicked my skin up with too much of the stuff before and it leaves things a little too greasy, but Clarins' Blue Orchid Treatment Oil settles in and doesn't leave the surface all that slippery.

Moisturiser - 10p size - Ahhh, another one I like to smother on, and there's nothing wrong with that, but a money-well-spent moisturiser (Kate Someville Goat Milk Cream, this is where you come in) soon sinks right in. Anything exceeding a ten pence size portion will take forever to rub around and any remaining residue will just sit on the surface. I'll dot it on, forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. All areas covered, simples.

Face Mask - 10p size - I go a little wild when it comes to masks and tend to slather it on to my complexions content but packed on with a clean, unused flat foundation brush allows a small blob to spread a long way.  Clay based contenders I'll concentrate on my blemish-prone t-zone and what's left will be worked towards the outskirts, and anything that is cream or gel-like - Tata Harper's Resufacing Mask is heaven - I sweep on all over in an even layer, then later wipe away with a muslin cloth. So now that the quantities have been cleared up, let the skincare sandwich commence...

*Sent for review consideration


  1. I love your skincare posts! This was really helpful, as I can get a bit over-zealous with application. :)


    1. Thanks Hannah, glad you liked! I can totally relate sometimes ;-) x

  2. Loved this post.. will definitely use this guide from here on forward. I can be a little too 'slap happy' with eye creams, toners .. and masks. Oh dear, the amount of mask I can squeeze out for my face...! xo Jess

    Your Daily Break

    1. Ah thanks Jess! I know exactly what you mean, things can get a little OTT with masks especially in my routine sometimes ;-) x

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