4 September 2013

Perfect Legs in a Pump

When the occasion for some limb exposure occurs, I find myself in a flurry of panic. Pale, pasty with dry patches - the describing words which sum up the state of my legs most of the time. A quick-fix beautifier that comes into play when I haven't had the time to prep is the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle, a hint of tint paired with skin perfecting properties and this stuff does exactly what it says on the tube...

Half skincare, half body make-up hybrid, a couple of pumps smoothed from the shins up gives the illusion you've slipped on a pair of super-sheer, flesh-toned tights. Somewhere in between a gel and a creamy consistency, it comes out a rich caramel colour but blends in to blur out blotches, imperfections and discolourations, leaving a slight shimmery sheen. Packed with plenty of powerful naturals and free from all nasties - Vitamins C and E help to repair and even the tone, an added dose of arnica fades and treats bruises, and the combo of essential oils de-puff, nourish and give it a pretty fab scent overall. Pop it on alone, or on top of a fake tan it spruces things up, enhancing the colour with a sun-kissed glow. 

I deem it a foolproof perfector with not a streak in sight no matter how speedily it's been slapped on. One to rub in worry-free when you're in a rush, unlike other instant tans which need full inspection before stepping out of the door - nope, none of that goin' on here. And  don't presume it's a product only for your pins, it can be applied all over for a head-to-toe glow - I like to slather it on my arms when they're on show to take the edge of the pastiness when I'm at my palest. Luminous limbs within a pump? I'll take it.


  1. You have some gorgeous skin, I'd love to try this product, my legs always look yellow :(



    1. Thank you Flo! But not without this, I'm pasty pale ;-) x

  2. Every single time you mention a This Works product I want to buy it but this is right up the top of my list!

    1. Haha I do love a good This Works product don't I?! ;-) You should give it a go, it's fab! x


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