21 September 2013

NYC Sephora Haul

It would be the trip where I was to lose my Sephora virginity, but aside from a few window nose presses every time one came into my sights, I actually managed to hold off stepping foot inside a store for an entire week. And so when I eventually got some self-shopping time, I believe I deserved a reward (or ten *ahem*) - Oh yes, it's safe to say I went a little wild...

Multiple trips meant purchases were made in pairs to spread out the $$$'s spent, and so I waved goodbye to New York City with a total of four (yes four) black and white bags in one hand, and a very weepy wallet in the other. Two skincare bits were added to my basket but otherwise it was mainly makeup, and everything that was on the list got ticked off with the added unintended extra thrown in for good measure - And so for a full-on nosey at what made it back with me I'll let you view the video, if you hit the title at the top of the clip, it'll open up in full for you with all the links in the description box underneath. Enjoy!


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