6 September 2013

Bright Lips, Big City

Injecting a loud coloured pout into my made-up face isn't a regular affair, but given the chance to wear a lively lip, I'll quite happily glide away, give it a mirror glance and then wonder why this doesn't occur more often. Shades like these look all the more awesome with a tan, and since I've managed to catch some rays, my limbs are looking on the bronzed-up side of proceedings meaning the bolder lip picks came out to play and what with the bright lights going on in Times Square, I seemed to fit in pretty well...

First up, Illamasqua's Eurydice, a vibrant matte fuchsia. In the tube it looks frighteningly fluorescent with bluey undertones and as with all their offerings, is über pigmented and lasts on the lips long time. A flat matte finish isn't usually my preferred pick as I find the formulas a tad too drying but with a slick of balm slapped on before or after it moistens things up a bit and is much more comfortable to contend with. When it's this one I'm rocking, everything else is kept low key - a flawless face and loaded up lashes will do the trick.

Next in line is MAC's Morange, a bright orange cream with a slight glossy sheen. I deem it the 'one slick wonder' with super opaque colour instantly, easily and evenly, and with the formula itself being an 'Amplified' it's far from drying and actually stays put pretty darn well. Flattering on all skin tones from fair to dark, it can be sported alone or paired with golds and coppers eye wise.

Back on the pink side of things, and slightly toned down is Dior Addicts Diorkiss. Patted on the pout lightly makes for a subtle shade, but build up gives a louder lip when you want - a cult day-to-night contender which is often found floating around in the bottom of my bag. Foolproof, highly hydrating and one to hang around, these are by far my fave formulas of them all, and with this particular suits-all-shade you can't and won't go wrong.

Heads up: Loading up lips like these is made much easier with a detailer brush. My fave is MAC's 318, a retractable chuck-in-yer-bag, travel friendly tool which has a rounded tip, making packed-on application a breeze and allows you to trace the lip line a treat.


  1. Love the photography in this post :) it turned out fantastic!
    I am dying to get my hands on Morange it's such a gorgeous bright.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Ah thanks Sarah! You should, it's a gooden ;-) x

  2. All these colors are gorgeous; I've wanted to try mac morange but I'll admit I've been a bit scared too! Eventually I'll have to swatch it in store!
    Lovely Notions

    1. Definitely give it a swatch! Mixed with a little bit of red makes for an awesome coral shade too ;-) x

  3. Love your photos...I wish I were one of your lipsticks ;)


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  5. Mac Morange is definitely a favourite of mine at the moment, I wore it to dinner on holiday and it stayed put through 3 courses :-)

    1. Ah so glad you like it too Claire, such a fab shade :-) x

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