22 August 2013

Pre-City Break Pamper

It's become a tradition - the evening before jetting off overseas comes the pre-holiday pamper. This time a lengthy city break is happening and with a busy work week beforehand, then a long haul night flight and two weeks of a whole lotta walking all in the mix, a full on at-home ritual was sure enough on the cards - here's the deeds of what went down, head-to-toe...

To get the spa-like scene set, I lit up Caudalie's Divine Candle which smells, literally, diiivine - the same scent as their Divine Oil in fact, which got slicked through the ends of my strands for a nice nourishment. After a 5 minute mope about with that soaking in, I started off with an in-shower locks detox with Bumble & bumble's Sunday Shampoo - a once weekly treatment which leaves things deep cleaned by ridding oil build-up. I left a bottle behind, so a last minute wash should prep my mop for at least the first few days away. Seeing as trekking is going be the main mode of transport on this trip, my feet needed knocking into shape, so as a sitting-on-the-bath-side jobby, I whipped out OPI's Dual Foot File, one side rough, one side smooth, then followed with their Pedicure Scrub for super soft soles. 

A wad of Emma Hardie's Cleansing Cloths will be doing the exfoliating duties on my travels, so a final polish with Oskia's Micro Exfoliating Balm sorted my skin out, ridding dead cells in prep for the next step. REN's Invisible Pores Detox Mask has been lugged in my luggage to keep my face free of smut, smog and all that typical city stuff, but REN recommend using their Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask the day before the clay choice for even better results. Marmalade-like in texture and fruit acid packed, it reveals a fresh complexion ready for impurities to be drawn out by the second member of this mask duo. The remainders were removed 10 minutes later and Bliss' Triple Oxygen Energising Eye Gel was popped on to brighten puffy peepers prior to my next day flight.

My limbs appeared majorly pasty and were in need of a bit of a bronze up - for that, nothing beats a trusty tube of Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe. I pair this with a mitt to slather on for ease of application and post morning rinse I'm left with a natural looking, olive-toned tan. To finish off, fingers and toes got coated in OPI Gelcolor's Cajun Shrimp for a red toned orange long-lasting chip-free polish - my matchy matchy Summer shade of choice. Every. Single. Year. 

And what with sightseeing, shopping and fast food eating this end, I'm not sure they'll be much time for preening top ups, though I've got a feeling I'll be ordering the same again upon my return *books self in for post-holiday pamper*...


  1. I definitely want to give the REN mask a go. Hope you're enjoying yourself on your holiday! Have fun and stay safe. :)
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. It's FAB, you should ;-) It was so amazing, thank you! x

  2. I love the REN detox mask. Have fun on your holiday!


    1. It's great stuff, isn't it?! Thanks Hannah :-) x


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