5 August 2013

July Favourites

Sticking to a strict spending ban in recent weeks has meant only one thing, shopping my already well-stocked stash - sprees going right out of the window (minus a couple of exceptions *ahem*). The majority of this lot are rooted-out rediscoveries, featuring a tube of the fake stuff which serves up a natural, olive toned-tan, a dewy, fresh looking foundation that I've deemed Summer perfection and a few shades in my go-to glide-on liners. The few newer numbers include the latest member to my balmy army and the one brush I don't quite know how I've been without until now. Click on the title at the top of the video below, it will throw open a new tab for your viewing and all products I've had a ramble about are written in the description box. There's also a possible video idea I mention at the end - I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one, so get 'yaying' or 'neighing' away...



  1. I have yet to pick up the RT Expert Face brush but you've convinced me that it's worth buying. I saw it in stores the other day and I was having a serious debate with myself over whether I should buy it or not but I didn't buy it. I think next time I see it, I'll have to.
    Celina | The Celution

    1. You must - I don't know why it wasn't part of my brush stash sooner ;-) x


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