4 August 2013

Bliss Do Travel Friendly Firm Faves

...And what better timing with few gaps in need of padding out in my travel toiletry pouch just before I jet off. In the beauty world, not a lot beats cute looking down-sized versions of your full-size stash members, and Bliss have done just that with their firm favourite miniatures*, whittling down their bulkier best sellers into luggage space saving bottles, tubs and tubes - these are some of the ones to make the capsule collection cut...

Skincare wise, the multi-award winner that is the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash works as both a cleanser/exfoliator combo, though if you don't favour the frothy stuff their Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk comes in a pocket-sized bottle too. There's a few baby masks and a moisturiser to round-off your ritual, as well as the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Gel and Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream. Body beautifiers consist of Soapy Suds, a shower wash which doubles up as a bubble bath, Body Butter, the trademark lemon + sage scent being one of the two, and hand cream in a carry-about appropriate size. Usually housed in a chunky tub, the Ingrown Eliminating Pads now also come compacted in a box containing 10 separately sealed one-off wipes. These get to the root of any ingrown issues in a single sweep (post-shower) on any incoming stubbly areas - alpha and beta hydroxy acids attack the lumps and bumps, antioxidant packed green tea slightly soothes and oat extract sorts out the smoothing.

You can browse the full bundle of Bliss minis by taking a virtual trip to their new one stop travel shop where pick 'n' mix stylee bits range from £4-£11.50. Word of warning: Take along your passport and a wad of currency, because even if a holiday away or weekend jaunt isn't on the cards, you'll sure be pencilling yourself in for a bit of a break with a stock-up of these...

*PR samples


  1. I love travel sized products just to try the products out and of course, take them on my holidays. I've always wanted to try Bliss products so this might be a set to consider.
    Celina | The Celution

    1. Ah I know, I have a whole bag stashed full of them ;-) You should, they're a good size for testing! x

  2. I love the bliss blood orange and white pepper body butter! It also comes in a travel size version :)

    1. I need to have a whiff of that one, it sounds looovely :-) x