10 August 2013

Beauty Myths Debunked

The rights and wrongs of the beauty world can be toughies to detangle - fables which float around that are completely misleading, and sometimes there's an explanation behind it. A pretty simple one. Take 'em or leave 'em, I've had a go at debunking some commonly queried method myths after a combo of trials, errors and a build-up of beauty knowledge...

Oily skin doesn't need hydration. And that may seem pretty logical - if your skin is oily, you should avoid oils, right? Non. Just steer clear of those nasties such as mineral oil, anything else your face will favour but if you starve your skin of the natural oils, it'll produce more to protect itself and you're stuck in the centre of a vicious circle. Cleansing wise, balms are the best for us all as they moisturise at the same time as makeup removal.

Pores can be 'shrunk'. I'd have an enlarged pore-free face if this was the case. Facial steaming is often thought to open and close pores, allowing product to penetrate deeper but as Caroline says, 'pores are not doors' and will not just open and close. A steaming session will make the skin sweat, draw out impurities and boost the moisture levels increasing cell renewal rate, so although pores cannot be vanished, introducing an acid toner to your ritual will gently exfoliate and alleviate blockages, temporarily minimising their appearance. 

Squeaky skin is clean skin. *shivers*. Back to the balmy cleansers which leave your skin feeling nicely nourished - anything that leaves your skin with a squeak (literally) is stripping the natural moisture, drying it out and putting into panic mode where it will muster up more oil to compensate.

Vaseline promotes lash and brow growth. The only thing Vaseline is good for is acting as a barrier when tinting brows and lashes to prevent permanent panda-like eyes. It's often deemed a beauty 'tip' to load up the eye area with the stuff to encourage healthy, glossy brows and lashes, but there's no goodness in this tin of gloop which is supposedly a sealant that locks in moisture,  I can only imagine it'd block follicles and pores if anything. Even applied to your pout, it dehydrates off the lips making them drier, hence feeling the need to smother more on minutes later. 

Cellulite is 'curable'. If you didn't sob already at the un-shrinkable pore part...
Unfortunately, us gals are prone to the orange peel-like dimples in our pins and derrières because of our hormonal components, and there's not a lot we can do about it *sadface*. There are caffeine-infused lotions and potions out there thought to tackle our lumpy bumpy bits, but no results are proven - they're just slap on and hope for the best kinda products, so perhaps save your pennies...

Refrigerate your nail shades. 'Store in a cool, dry place' are the words that come to mind, and are even stated on some bottles when it comes to stashing polish, not 'Store in a chilled, food-filled place'. Removing them from a cold environment, to use at room temperature, only to return to the chiller will interfere with their consistency, some may still beg to differ but if a varnish gets gloopy, thin it (with proper thinner) or bin it, simples. Eye gels however, are a different story - I'll pop mine in to chill 10 minutes prior to patting on the stuff under my peepers, to soothe puffy bags and encourage deflation, ahhhh...


  1. Nice post ;) This advices could help me a lot. I can say from my experience with vaseline to growth my lashes that is truly lie. It had result, really amazing though, but actually this only accumulates in the lashes. After I stop doing this beauty thing my lashes went back how they are in past :) I read that vaseline is really dangerous stuff and to avoid it near the eye area.

    1. Thank you, glad you found it helpful :-) I agree, there's not a lot of goodness to it! x

  2. This post was really interesting and helpful thank you :) x

  3. Interesting post. I don't think I'd ever put Vaseline on my brows or lashes anyway! x

  4. Thanks for clearing that up!


  5. This was an incredibly helpful post and although I knew most of these points already, I'm glad these points were shared to help inform more and more people! :)
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  6. Fantastic post. I didn't know people thought nail polish should go in the fridge... WAH!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

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  8. Love this post, Jessica! Very informative :)

  9. absolutely loved reading this post! i was definitely one who used to think oily skin doesn't need mosturiser. mind boggled when i discovered that and changed my routine immediately! xo

    Your Daily Break


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