6 July 2013

A Dusting of Dior

A review on one of last Summers releases has been a long time in the making, purely because  I had to pluck up the courage to swirl a brush into its beautiful embossing, I know, right? - the precious product in question being one of the Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powders. But having it sit in my stash, cracking it out simply to swoon over wasn't going to  get me any closer to the glow which could be gracing my face. So here it is, the run-down on the all-round beautifying bronzer...

Four shades make up the range, each compact consisting of flesh-toned, nude hues paired with peachy pink and apricot hints. I own 'Sunlight' which seems best suited for fair to medium skinned gals, the bronzey bits far from over-the-top orange but there's still a touch of warmth. Designed to be dusted all over the face for subtle sun-kissed skin, these powders sweep on and blend in like a breeze. Applied under cheekbones lightly sculpts and chisels whilst the pink tints that get picked up illuminate as well as toning down the tan. A slight shimmer runs through, no glitter or glimmer, just a teeny sheen which only adds to the fresh, radiant flush. Upon purchase, I recall a natter with the makeup artist behind the counter who told me her top tip was to dab the ring finger in the lightest parts of the powder and pop it on high-points alone for a bit of a brighten. 

Packaging wise, it's weighty, silver quilted and whip-out-of-your-makeup-bag worthy in a velvety pouch - luxe to say the least. The palette also comes complete with a mini, surprisingly soft, CD stamped kabuki, although I still favour larger fluffy brushes to throw a touch of tan on my face, this does an alright job for an on-the-go glow. It'll take 37 of your Bristish pounds to add one to your bronzer bunch, but I promise there won't be a sunny day where you won't want to swish this on all over. As part of the Summer look, the Dior Bird of Paradise collection features two similar style compact, though one half a bronze dusting, the other a bright blush in either coral or pink. As tempting as it may be, with this one taking pride of place in palette parade, it'd seem sensible to pass on this - at least that's what I'm continuously telling myself. Do I want? Hell yes. Do I need? No... sadface.


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous on you!
    I haven't tried Dior products before but they all look so lovely. I don't know where to start.

    Celina | The Celution

    1. Ah thanks Celina! They really are - I highly rec. the Dior Addict lipsticks, the formula is luuurvly :-) x

  2. definitely picking one of these up tomorrow! they're gorgeous!


  3. This product looks beautiful and definitely compliments your skin tone. This may just have to go on my 'lusting after' list!

    Your Daily Break

  4. This is on my wish list, the packaging looks amazing!


  5. I tried this the other day when I went to the Dior counter to get my make up done for my anniversary, it's a beautiful product. Dying to get my hands on it! x

    1. Ah you should Charlotte ;-) Hope you had a lovely anniversary! x


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