23 June 2013

The Mask Miracles

It's not often I run out and repurchase when products produce their final pumps-worth, but for two I'll make an exception - those being a REN, dramatically difference making, mask duo. In fact, I'll even go as far as saying I'd own an SOS back-up stash for when these two do bite the dust because I just couldn't bare to be without. They've cropped up a few times here and there, but here's a loyal lowdown on the pair that come out to play at times of a complexion crisis...

The Invisible Pores Detox Mask is a clay-based contender - crammed with Kaolin, loaded up with lactic acid and tropical seaweed, it aims to purify, de-congest smog clogged pores and reduce the appearance of their size. Targeted at combo-oily skinned gals, its a winner in any sudden break-out situation and just generally keeping daily grime and gunk at bay. I'll pack it on with an unused, flat foundation brush, concentrating the most on my blemish prone T-zone and sweep the remainders outwards. When the smirk cracks start to show, I'll soak a muslin cloth under hand-hot running water and give my face a full wipe over. The results? A cleansed, toned and redness reduced complexion.

The second member of this miracle mask couple is the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. A potent bio active peel, adorned with AHA's that promises to rid dead cells revealing a smoothed and renewed fresh face whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I'll smother this stuff on with fingers, to face, neck and all, leave for 10 mins and swipe off with a warmed cloth it comes paired with. Marmalade-like in texture, it's sticky, slightly stingy but smells citrusy sweet. The results? Brighter, healthier and skin tone is instantly improved.

I'll usually slather on as and when, but doubled up I've always dived in with the detox first, followed by the Radiance Renewal 15 minutes later, though REN recommend to begin with the brightening and crack out the clarifying the very next day, either way works for me. Packaging wise, it's just as pleasing - both in the form of pumps with nifty nozzle caps to prevent the formulation inside from drying out. And another thumbs up? The list of chemical nasties scrolled on the bottle sides that the products a free from, nice work REN...


  1. The Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask sounds like something I need in my life. I've always been intrigued by REN products because of the great packaging and good ingredients list.


    1. Ah you should definitely give it a whirl, it's great stuff :-) x

  2. I keep bugging you about Tata Harper, but if you like the Ren GRRM, you'll love the Resurfacing Mask. The reason I bring it up again is because I just saw it on Sephora's website! So it might be available there when you go to NYC. :) The only difference between the Tata Harper is that it has BHAs as well as AHAs to get in and out of the pores. <3 Also, if you can get your hands on them in America, the Free Your Mane shampoo is really amazing. I was using FYM then went to the Ojon Dry Recovery, and the Ojon dried my hair out from what it was when I was using the FYM. Probably because the Ojon has sulfates and FYM doesn't. I have thicker hair though, so Idk if Free Your Mane would weigh you down at all.


    1. I hardly count mentioning it once as bugging me ;-) I love to hear recommendations - hopefully they'll have it in store and I'll aim to pick up at least the mask, if not the shampoo too! Thanks again Madeleine x

  3. I love these Ren masks, especially the glycolactic one - it smells amazing.

  4. I've been wanting to try both of these for over a year, I really think its time to bite the bullet! x


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