2 June 2013

DIY Hair Detox Treatment

A sneaky scan of a high-end hair salon menu always results in my beady eyes being drawn to the detoxifying treatments - usually consisting of a keratin feast, moisture mask and clarifying cleanse to mend, hydrate and clean deep, but with a one-off treatment totalling ten times what my monthly trim is worth, I decided I'd collect up what was in my haircare  basket and conjure up my own at-home detox for your locks and I have to say ever since, it's left me swishing my head around like I'm in some sort of advert...

The night before I slather my head root-to-tip in pump after pump of 3''' More Inches by Michael Van Clarke Pre-Wash Treatment, a keratin and protein combo which penetrates deep into the hair shaft, strengthening and sealing split ends. I'm still making my way through this monster of a bottle but it seems to be working its wonders so far - softer, stronger, healthier strands be mine! I then run through my Tangle Teezer to help it spread, sling on a shower cap and leave it to do its thing overnight. An over-the-bath jobby is best for the rest of it and come morning I use Bumble and bumble's Sunday Shampoo to clarify and cleanse, rinsing out previous product build up, pollutants and general greasiness leaving my locks squeaky clean. The stuff says it's best used prior to a mask, but I'll dig this out once a week for a deeper than deep hair wash which now allows me to go longer than usual between shampooing.

That said, Ojon's Damage Reverse Restorative Treatment Plus should be applied to dry hair, so I give it a gentle towel-dry before smothering it over the ends of my hair and leaving for 20 minutes. This solid balmy mask melts into an oil when warmed, restoring the hairs health and leaving it silky smooth - just don't rub it in your roots as recommended 'cause I found it leaves things a little slick. I wash the mid-lengths to the ends back over the bath side with Ojon's Damage Reverse Conditioner to remove the masks remains. This protein packed rich formula restores and hydrates, as well as smelling completely dreamy (I could sniff the stuff for hours). After a final towel ruffle and I coat the tips in a drip of Ojon's Rare Blend Total Hair Therapy Oil which adds a final shot of hydration, heat protection and healthy shine before giving my bonce a gentle blow-dry. 

It may seem an almighty effort but trust me, your tresses will thank you for it - I'll repeat this routine whenever I think my hair is in need of it; pre-holiday pampering or before a special occasion, both good excuses to crack out this concoction, but I'll do it no more than once a month. I can't say this will stop me eyeing up those high-end hair salon services though, a girl can dream...


  1. I love the sunday shampoo and Ive just picked up a mini of the Ojon rare blend total hair therapy oil, Ive only used it once but so far I love it, it didn't make my hair greasy like Moroccan oil has started to do :)


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