5 May 2013

My Mum's Mani Box

I have my Mum to blame for my pinky, beige nude polish addiction, it was that exact shade she wore on her wedding day and the bottle of the stuff was later passed down to me - it's thick, tacky and far from usable but I still can't bare to bin it. I'd often ogle her fresh finger paint and beg for mine to be preened - now the manicure tables have turned, I've helped stock up her stash and I'll give her the occasional treatment, aside from that she's pretty good at scheduling herself in twice a week to neaten up her nails. Here's what's in the box...

The Body Shop's Almond Conditioning Hand Wash helps cleanse and prep to start, and as far as body care brands go, she's an all-round Dove lover - their Visible Effects hand cream rotates from box to bedside. The tools feature a file, usually anything goes but an Escentual.com order freebie is currently doing the trick, then giving the nails a shine on polish-free days is the 4-step Stylfile S-Buffer. Some small scissors come into play for tidying-up jobs and cuticle wise, there's the Red by Kiss Cuticle Trimmer & Pusher Groomer duo from Boots. The trimmer is a strange-shaped, tricky tool to use - it runs along the nail base and slices off any excess cuticle, sounds painful, non? Only if you slip-up, so it works best when the area is moist - she'll pop on a blob of Avon's cuticle cream, go over with the pusher and finish with this.

Onto the polish pack - I put the gloopy group aside and picked out the best of the selection but OPI still hogs the majority of the box. First up, a base, a top coat and a strengthener, for that I made sure she bought a bottle of Nail Envy. Alpine Snow is a bright white, when paired with pale pink Passion on top it makes a great French paint, her fave finish. A couple from the limited ed. Pirates of the Caribbean collection made their way in - Mermaid's Tears is a minty member, Skull and Glossbones, a light grey creme, and Sparrow Me The Drama, a cool lilac-y hue. Lastly, one for the Winter is a deep burgundy named Boris and Natasha.

As for the remaining bunch, there seems to be a running theme with her personal drugstore preference, Rimmel. In this bundle is a 3-in-1 base, top & strengther, a travel saviour, and a Clearly Clear Lycra Wear polish. Colours consist of one from the Wear Maxx range in Daisy Chain, a pinky pearl, Coralicious from the 60 Seconds selection and Hot Pink from the Lasting Finish formulas. I gave her the Bourjois 1 Seconde Magic Nail Polish Remover as a Christmas stocking filler - she was slightly stumped at how quick it whips of colour, needless to say, it's been taken off the varnish on her talons to date.

A more sensible sized stash compared to my ever growing polish pile, but I'll be sure to continually help bulk this lot up as our tastes are all too similar. Any excuse for some Mother-Daughter shade swaps...


  1. I loooove Mermaid's Tears and Skull and Glossbones. I even bought a backup of Skull and Glossbones, haha. The Pirates of the Caribbean collection is so pretty.

    My mom is just starting to get into nail polish, hehe. She loves reds and golds!

    1. I'm guilty of doing the same when it comes to limited edition things ;-) Ah you can never go wrong with a classic red! x