11 May 2013

Best of: Spring 2013 Releases

Anything that's labelled 'limited edition' usually sends the majority of us beauty fiends into a  wild frenzy, but I can't say I'm one for something that doesn't stick around for too long, however some of this seasons most sought after stand-outs captivated my cosmetic taste buds, and here to stay or not, these are my Spring picks that made the 'best of collections' cut...

Chanel's year-round offerings never fail to disappoint and this Spring's Printemps Precieux de Chanel collection was no exception. As much as I could have parted with many pennies on the Poudre Signee de Chanel Illuminating Powder, I'd never be able to bring myself to swirl a brush into its beautifully embossed surface, instead, I've been religiously sweeping on the Joues Contraste powder blush in Frivole to add an apricot flush to my apples. Built up or sheered out, wear it as you wish but don't fret fellow cheek colour lovers, this won't be disappearing from displays any time soon as its being added to the main blush bunch.

On the eye-side of Spring releases and also set to hang around permanently as part of the 'Long-Wear' line are the Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Sticks. With the same promises as the glass-potted formula in a portable, twist-up pencil, they apply creamy colour quickly and last on the lids long-time - my grab-and-go shade? 'Sand Dune' an almost matte, medium tan and it's one of the 8 crease-less colours available.

A limited edition exclusive is the NARS And God Created The Woman palette - a sleek, travel-sized eye kit which cases six shadows, all nude or neutral numbers. The lighter hues can be washed all over for an easily-done daytime look, darker shades smoke things up for something more sultry, and thrown in for good measure is a Smudgeproof Base for priming and prepping the lids and a shader brush for applying and blending - this one won't be here for long, so if you're wanting to add to your palette pile, get it before it's gone for good!

Illamasqua's 'I'mperfection' collection encourages natural features such as freckles to be enhanced and this is portrayed though their 'speckled nail polish' range inspired by the unique markings on birds egg shells. I've been layering on the lacquer 'Scarce', a baby pink creme-jelly base with flecks of navy blue to create a mini egg-esque mani. There's 4 pretty pastels and one soft beige neutral altogether, along with powder blush duo palettes, loud lip products and fine-tipped eye liners.

There you have my round-up of recent releases, talk about a Spring fling, eh? I'm itching to feast my eyes on Summer's selections, some already spread out on counters, I'm talking new Lip Perfector shades in particular. I also spy endless supplies of shadow sticks on the horizon, more purse friendly ones at that. Oh, and coloured mascara seems as if its safely set to stay, - now that I'm sitting on the fence about...


  1. The Chanel blush is gorgeous! I love the packaging too :)
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  2. I picked up that NARS palette and I absolutely love it. NARS shadows are amazing and I love the mix of neutrals.

    1. Ah glad you like it! I agree, it's palette perfection :-) x

  3. The Chanel blush is beyond gorgeous, so pretty :)

    1. It really is Claire! It was love at first swipe :-) x

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