22 May 2013

Best of British Beauty

The grass is always greener on the other side it may seem, probably one reason why I tend to spend a good chunk of time scouring sites for a glimmer of hope that they're able to ship hard-to-track-down cult cosmetics from across the pond in my direction, but first world product problems aside, we've got a fair few good'uns ourselves over here, and so I've brought together a bundle of what I think are the best British beauty brands - there's a lot of 'em. Hit the title at the top of the video below, it'll pop up a new tab to view on YouTube where I've left links to everything mentioned in the description box at the bottom. Patriotism and product pushing all rolled into one rambly reel... Oh yes.



  1. This is such a unique and brilliant post! Love it! x

  2. Great video! I pretty much love all the products you mentioned :) although, Butter London isn't actually a British brand, confusingly enough. They're based out of Seattle, in the US, and their flagship store is even in the Seattle airport...

    1. Thank you! I've always associated it as a British brand as the founder is British, but as you say they're based out of Seattle - very confusing :-) x


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