30 April 2013

The Bedside Pamper

It happens, I'll (not very) often end up slipping under the sheets before my beauty routine has fully finished and it takes a lot to tear me away again. Before the latter explained occasion occurs, I'll now grab my group of over-night miracle makers which can be thrown on, left to soak in and do their thing - no need for a bathroom sink in sight. These, paired with my beside staples all at arms-length mean I can complete my pamper proceedings in the comfort of my covers...

Sitting on my bedside is the This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle which I'll take a match to most nights. It fills the room with earthy lavender and calming chamomile fumes as it flickers - a single sniff is enough to send you snoozing but it just sets the scene whilst I'm prepping for a bit of a pamper. I will have without a doubt cleansed away the day long before diving under the duvet so first to follow is a refreshing spritz, something along the lines of Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Night mist to calm and balance. I'll then move onto a moisturiser, oil or over-night mask, and the Aromatherapy Associates Rose Hydrating Face Mask is the one I've been going back to, slathering it on to my complexions content. As this is a clear, non-gloopy gel it won't smear over your pillow while you sleep and come morning I end up waking to well-hydrated, silky-smooth skin.

Stage one of my current under eye combo starts with Origins No Puffery, a cooling mask for pesky puffy-ness which can be tapped on and tissued off after 10 minutes or left on as a treatment with an eye cream popped on top, and so to tackle my sleepy peepers I dab on some of the This Works Tired Eye Serum over it - a light lotion which sinks straight in thanks to the cooling cucumber, aloe and glycerin. To prep my pout I'll take a small scoop of the Bliss Fabulips scrub, gently massaging it in before blotting off, then on goes a balm, Nuxe's Reve De Miel is one of the on-rotation lip rescues to sort out chapped patches, its thick and sits on the surface, locking in moisture through the night. Skin sorted, nails usually see a tidy from Stylfile's S-file and a shine with the S-buffer, then my mitts get a coating of cream - L'Occitane's Shea Butter is my rich hand-helper of the moment.

Call it the 'lazy gal' take on things if you will, but put on your PJ's, divide your pamper products into order on your blanket and give it a try it for yourself. Warning: It gets a little addictive - I sure know what I've got scheduled in this eve...


  1. I love it.
    I need to purchase a few of these items!


    1. Ah thanks Julianna! Highly recommend them all ;-) x

  2. Great post - I have the stick version of the nuxe reve de miel lip balm, I want to try the pot version :) x


    1. Thanks Heather! Ah it's great - now I want to try the stick version haha ;-) x


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