24 April 2013

Skincare Spring Clean

After a round-up of my seasonal makeup picks, I was soon in the mood for a Spring clean of my skincare stash. Weaning myself off a Winter ritual of staple serums, glorious oils and nourishing over-night masks that I couldn't have been without over the colder months meant bringing in some, still hydrating, but more brightening members to my beauty regimen...

A tub of Emma Hardie still sits safely on the balm top spot with no signs of shifting any time soon, but a cleanser-toner combo which I tend to dig out in the warmer weather is the This Works Clean Skin 5-in-1 Water. I avoid attacking my mascara with this slightly stingy solution and stick to a trusty bottle of Bioderma for my streamy, sensitive-prone peepers, but when I've gone for a low-maintenance makeup or have even skipped the stuff altogether, several pumps soaking a cotton pad swept over the skin removes every trace and refreshes the face.

My complexion still shows a slight suffering from Winter's effects, but nothing that a small scoop of Oskia's Micro-Exfoliating Balm can't simply solve. Far from a harsh scrub, it doesn't over do things, yet is still dense enough to make a difference and warmed with a splash of water, transforms into a soft, creamy consistency that buffs off dead cells. A hefty dose of rosehip paired with prebiotics and peptides replenishes and repairs the skins protective lipid barrier as it polishes, leaving a healthy lit-from-within lustre - pick up a pot (here), your silky soft skin will thank you later.

There's no denying I go a little wild come these sunnier climates with countless amounts of hydration-heavy spritzes, the one I'm currently spraying my way through is Jurlique's Balancing Rosewater Mist, an all-round feel good refresher that goes on at any given time to tone and restore. Another Jurlique type-tonic is the Herbal Recovery Night Mist - popped on before bed, it softens, smooths and protects against environmental aggressors. Come morning I never fail to lunge myself in the direction of a mirror to study my newly rejuvenated, juicy skin. Lastly, a dollop of Origins's Night-A-Mins moisturiser. I'll have the occasional switch-up and pair it with the Recovery Night Mist or pile it on alone. Packed with minerals and resurfacing ingredients, it rids the dregs of dry flakes, revealing a rested and renewed surface - did I mention its zesty-citrus scent? Oh yes - say hello to Spring ready skin...


  1. I really want, no, NEED to try some origins! great post :) really getting into skincare atm so love these type of posts! xxx

    1. Ah thanks Lucy! Highly recommend Origins products if you're looking to add to your skincare stash :-) x

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