20 March 2013

The Deep Sleep Solutions

I seem to recall a friend was once left amazed at the beauty products stashed on my bedside - it only consisted of a tub of moisturiser, a blemish stick and lip balm, but my 14 year old on-the-brink-of-becoming-beauty-obsessed self seemed to think that it was perfectly normal. It's since expanded with bedtime ritual essentials and has become overflown with a bunch of 'deep sleep aiders'. Lets clear this up, I have no problem nodding off, yet I still find myself reaching for this lot night after night, yes this could all be up there in yer head but I can report that, for me, this works, this really works. 

Whether I'm typing away at my desk or preening and primping during a pamper, the Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle flickers away in the corner, filling the room with a calming chamomile, lavender-like fragrance. It won't come as much of a shock if I'm found keeled over on my laptop keyboard at some point, a single sniff of this scent is enough to send you into a swift slumber. The end of a long day can often call for a lather with the Deep Sleep Shower Gel - it suds up and the same lavender-vetivert-chamomile combo lingers on your limbs for hours after, I'll also pump it under running warm water for a fluffy bubble-filled tub.

A bottle of Deep Sleep Pillow Spray sits on my bedside and gets spritzed onto my pillows. The snooze-inducing blend helps you drop off that little bit quicker, just breathing it in calms me quick. Deep Sleep Stress Less is a roller-ball inhaler that gets thrown in my bag for on-the-go emergencies, but gets put back in its place along with the rest come bedtime. Circled onto temples and wrists I find it aids headaches and utterly unwinds. Then there's the Sleep Balm, a multi-purpose pot which I dab onto pressure points before dozing and pop on any dry patches such as elbows, heels and cuticles. It's handy size makes it another bag-friendly addition or for going away on holiday. The lavender loaded eye-pillow came paired with the balm in a Christmas gift set but sadly isn't sold individually - it's well worth keeping a look out for it on the shelves of a TK Maxx beauty section though. 

Next on my list - the bath salts that send you off, the dreamy cream for hands and feet and the non-greasy, nourishing night oil. It's safe to say this has become somewhat of an addiction, a healthy one at least (not necessarily for my bank balance) and I now wonder if I'll ever have problems snoozing without this bundle... just the thought is enough to leave me restless - herepass us the Stress Less...


  1. These look great! Thanks for sharing :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x


  2. These sound like they smell amazing (if that makes sense!). I'd love to give them all a try. Loving your photos here too, beautiful. xx

    1. Haha yes! You should, they're amazing! :-) Thanks Jo x

  3. I just bought the pillow spray and I love it! So soothing.


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