27 February 2013

GWP Alert! Diptyque Figuier Travel Candle

Listen up ladies! A rather tempting treat just caught my eye whilst scrolling through my Twitter feed, what's more, it's from the best beauty-stocked shop that I'm a complete sucker for! As from today, spend £75 or more with Space NK instore or online and you'll receive a free travel size Diptyque Figuier candle worth £20 - just enter the promo code: CANDLE14 at the checkout (UK only I'm afraid!). Now this may seem a lot for your purse to part with in one go, but if you've got a wishlist as long as a limb like I have, it should at least encourage your urge to splurge!

Figuier has to be one of my favourite all-year-round Diptyque scents - it's fresh, fruity and lingers even when it's not alight. They're made from vegetable and parrafin waxes to ensure an even burn and a well-looked after wick can flicker for up to 30 hours in the mini version, plus it's cute little size makes it perfectly portable or even just gives you a taster if you're unsure about shelling out on the larger one.

It's only while stocks last  so whip out those wallets - I've got a feeling these will be flying out of the Space NK store cupboards quicker than you can sound that free-gift-with-purchase claxon - happy spending!


  1. I saw this offer on my email earlier, SOOOO tempting & its payday tomorrow. As if I need an incentive to blow it all at SpaceNK haha :)

    Kate x

    P.s check out my giveaway!

    Fashbox Beauty Giveaway Here!

    1. Haha I know, right?! It does not help my bank balance ;-) x

  2. The candles look lovely! Wish I could get them in Australia! :) x

  3. Hi, I'm a new fllower from Italy!
    Your blog is very beautiful! Keep it up. :)
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Marzia, what a lovely comment :-) x


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