27 January 2013

The Multitaskers

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to certain products, in fact, they can make other skin, hair and body care look pretty darn lazy. Oh yes, I'm talking about those which  can multifunction, multi-task and generally save time, space and cash towards your beauty stash.

Come to think of it there are plenty more products which do just this, more so in the makeup department so I kept that section to the bare minimum and I'll let your own imaginations run beauty wild, but here's an edit of some multi-purpose faves, including an entire facial in a pot, all-in-one oils and a hair hero with triple the tricks. If you're not such a light toiletry packer (guilty!) these are great to lighten the luggage load for holidays and travelling, or even to sort you out on one of those 'lazy gal' days where your full beauty routine goes straight out the window... (Don't say you don't have 'em!).


  1. Hi Jessica,

    I really enjoyed this post, I love multi tasking products and you mentioned some which are new to me, I really enjoy using Ultrabland from lush, it's kind of like the beauty balm you spoke about, I love it for removing makeup but also use it on dry skin/cuticles etc. and it smells like almonds and honey which I like!

    Zoe xx

    1. I've heard of Ultrabland but never really knew what it was - might have to give that a try! ;-) Thanks Zoe x

  2. I really love products that are multipurpose; because it not just keep my bag lighter, but it also saves me a lot of money. I have a skin care product that I really like – its a moisturizing cream that makes my skin soft and smooth. But I also use it as sunscreen protection. So it not just makes my skin glowing, but it also helps protect my skin when I’m exposed to sun’s rays. -Terry Bayer


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