13 October 2012

Top 5: Beauty Bibles

Before my real obsession with anything beauty related began, I would spend hours cutting out parts of magazines which contained makeup tips and DIY beauty treatments. I'd print page after page off the internet and write up notes from books I borrowed, all of which were entered into a scrapbook so that I could work my way through trying each one (it occasionally gets pulled out even now!). Over the past couple of years, I've discovered a handful of books which I now spend a lot more time flicking through for inspiration (and just to generally swoon over if I'm honest!). I highly recommend them if you are thinking about entering the industry or even just have a passion for all things beauty which you'd like to take to the next level yourself, they also make great presents for girly girls too!

Jemma Kidd Make-up Masterclass
International makeup artist Jemma Kidd aims to teach women of all ages how to apply cosmetics like a professional using the best techniques and formulations via her very own beauty bible. She shares her 'Beauty Basics' which cover essential makeup tools, skincare and how to identify colours and products to specifically suit you. The 'Makeup Masterclass' gives you a guide to application, different effects, how to experiment with colour and the 'Get the Look' section provides day and night looks which can be recreated following the simple step-by-step instructions. I could evil eye the flawless bases and structured faces for hours on end, the visuals in this book are incredible! Available to buy here for £15.75.

The Anti-ageing Beauty Bible
Believe it or not, you should start using anti-ageing products from the age of 25 in order to help prevent pre-mature ageing and this book offers everything you need to know. Beauty experts Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey reveal their award winning products, from teeth whitening to foot treats to hair masks. There are also makeup secrets from pro's such as Trish McEvoy and Laura Mercier, tips on better beauty sleep and the nutritional supplements that benefit your skin. It literally covers it all, there's an answer for any of your beauty woes, a definite must have for £16.99 here.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
'For everyone from beginner to pro' this book (above) is one of four from the lady herself, Bobbi Brown. With 25+ years in the industry, Bobbi guides you into skincare basics, tools of the trade, choosing the right shades and colours of makeup and so much more. She also advices aspiring makeup artists how to break into the business, how to create a portfolio and working with others on shoots. Again, the photos are phenomenal, this is probably my most reached for book out of them all. It's available here for £14 

Lauren Conrad Style
This gal is one of my favourite style icons, she always looks amazing and her makeup is just so classic. Even though this book is mainly directed at style, there is a whole section on beauty written by Lauren's favourite makeup artist, Amy Nadine. Amy shares her tips and tricks, how to apply products properly and looks which are suitable for daytime and special occasions. It only covers the topic very briefly, but for beginners it goes over all the basics you need to know. It's available to buy here and rumour has it she's releasing a book entirely based on beauty, so that's one to keep an eye out for!

1001 Little Beauty Miracles by Esme Floyd
Such a great little book if you're into natural remedies, DIY's and beauty on a budget covering any situation you could possibly think of including pregnancy, on holiday, in-flight and more, there really is 1001 tips and tricks! This one was actually exclusive to Marks & Spencer but I've managed to find a new and improved version here for £6.99 (The little illustrations and captions make it extra cute!).

What is your holy 'beauty' bible?


  1. I don't have any beauty books and now I have some ideas for my christmas list, thanks!


    1. I think nearly all of these were presents to me, they make a great gift to someone but are also a lovely gift to receive! :-)

  2. Think I'm going to order the Bobbi Brown one looks really good! and I found it for £11 on eBay :D thankyou for the really informative post! :) XO

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance, I've just started out and any feedback would mean the world to me <3


    1. It's fab, even better if you've found a good deal! Will do - just have fun with it :-)

  3. I'm a bit obsessed with Lauren Conrad, so I really need to get that book. :D

    The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  4. I really enjoyed this post! Actually I've been looking for nice beauty books recently and hadn't found any yet! I'm very interested in Jemma Kidd one, does it have many photos?

    Oh and Lauren is releasing the beauty book tomorrow actually which you can get on amazon.co.uk here.

    I actually purchased the book by Riku Campo, a makeup artist I guess, and cant wait to read it!

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

    1. Yes a ton of photos! Thanks for letting me know, that's next on my list! The Riku Campo book looks great too - let me know what you think of it :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing! I've been eyeing a few of those books for a while.

    (Also, I think you have a bit of a resemblance to Bonnie Wright!)

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Aw thank you, that's a lovely compliment :-)


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