11 September 2012

Before & After: Peptalash Lash Growth Serum

Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, but I do feel I have been blessed with naturally long lashes, to the point where I've actually been asked on several occasions what brand of falsies I'm wearing! I have to admit I've experimented in the past with anything and everything which, myth or truth, is said to lengthen lashes, olive oil, Vaseline, you name it - I've tried it, whether that has contributed or not though I can't really say. Obviously with lashings of mascara (excuse the pun!) they look a lot fuller, but au natural they are very fine and also light at the roots giving the illusion they're quite sparse. 

I've never tried any lash growth treatments or serums before and always curious of a gimmick, I did decide to give one of the latest products on the market a try. Peptalash by indeed labs (Snoxin, Nanoblur and Hydraluron may ring a bell!) is an advanced combination of 3 clinically-proven peptides which work together to make lashes appear thicker, fuller and longer in as little as 2 weeks. The applicator is very similar to a liquid liner brush whereas other lash growth products I've seen before are in wand form which you use to apply as you would mascara. The product should be applied across the upper lash line, as close to the roots as possible, every morning and night. 

Top: Before, Bottom: After
Left: Before, Right: After

Bar a couple of odd mornings where my brain was still asleep, I applied Peptalash twice a day, everyday for the duration of six weeks and I have to say I've noticed considerable results. I wasn't expecting a miracle and I was aware it wouldn't have much of an effect on my already long lashes, but possible thicker and fuller results was what I was hoping to see and especially within the last two weeks, usually when its come to removing my eye makeup and the point of face inspection, I've seen a change. As you can see by the difference in the after photo, the bases of my lashes look much fuller also making them appear a lot darker compared to the before photo (I assure you the only makeup I'm wearing in both is foundation!). I can't say I agree with some reviews which say your lashes shrink back to normal after use but I also don't expect them to thicken or grow any more now that I've stopped using it. I'd recommend this if you have naturally short or sparse lashes, or they've been damaged by lash extensions (trust me, it happens!). All in all, I think it's worth the £24.99 price tag, it may not look much but it will last you a good few months - with continued use comes best results!

Have you tried Peptalash, or any other lash growth treatments?


  1. Soooo tempted to try this out! For some strange reason, my lashes are usually fairly ok in length (even though they're stick straight, eurgh!) but I discovered a few stray short lashes and it's bugging me! Am trying out the L'oreal Lash serum so hope it works! xx

  2. I know what you mean! I've heard great things about the L'oreal serum though so hopefully you'll see results - you've just got to remember to keep piling it on ;-) xx

  3. I have never been convinced that products like this one would work but the results speak for themselves!


  4. Hi, going to give Peptalash a try after reading your review. From your photos seems like it's not a gimmick and actually works! Hope you don't mind but I've linked to your review on my blog www.sundaycakesuk.blogspot.co.uk as I've done a post about how you can get Indeed Labs products really cheaply in Boots at the moment. Check it out if you're interested in buying more. :)

  5. Did your lashes fall out when you stopped using the product?

  6. Did your lashes fall out when you stopped using the product?


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