2 July 2012

Lotion Loving

I've never really been one for body lotions or creams, the main reason being due to laziness. Don't get me wrong I have plenty stashed away, all of which I've attempted to use on a regular basis but non of which have really seen the light of day and have probably well outdone their expiration date. Standing completely starkers whilst rubbing a cold cream all over just does not appeal to me, followed by the greasy residue rubbing off on your clothes or bed sheets. Since making a real effort to use products up for my monthly 'empties' videos, I came across a sample of the AHAVA Deadsea Water Mineral Body Lotion and after only one use, I was truly quite amazed. It was love at first swipe.

The lotion is extremely light and absorbs into the skin almost in an instant, with no sign of a greasy layer being left on the surface and I honestly couldn't get over how soft it left my skin. It's main ingredients aloe vera, soothe and naturally add moisture, and witch hazel, smoothe the skin providing a refreshing, revitalising effect. I'm not a huge expert when it comes to product ingredients but I don't see too many nasties in there and best of all it's paraben free. One downside, which isn't a problem for me but I feel it won't suit everyone, is the heavily fragranced scent. I find it's quite fresh and I like the fact that it lingers on the skin for a good few hours afterwards. I can easily see how this is AHAVA's best selling product and you only have to read all the other hundred's of positive reviews to also see why! It's pretty pricey at £22.00 for 250ml and I usually wouldn't think about paying so much for a product I rarely use, but I feel that this is going to get a lot of love! This is an introduction to the brand for me and first impressions are good, I definitely want to see what else there is to offer!

Can you recommend any AHAVA products?

Jessica x

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