19 June 2012

June Wishlist

After my previous post/video, I really shouldn't be allowing myself to have a wishlist this month but it just can't be helped! In no particular order, the Fushi Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is something I've wanted to try for a while. It's a well known fact coconut oil is a natural, beneficial treatment for the hair and this is such a huge tub, the cheapest I've come across so far too! I did a trial bridal makeup a few weeks back and my client asked if I could use some of her own products, Chantecaille Total Concealer being one of them. She said it was one of her all time favourites and when I applied it to her skin I could see why, it's so light, but blends in beautifully and covers amazingly well. The Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated Chronograph Watch is totally non-beauty related but this has been on my wishlist for the longest time, I'm just waiting for another ASOS 20% off to come round (feel free to bombard me with tweets if you know when one pops up!). It's simple yet stunning and would polish off any outfit. I recently used up a pretty generous sized sample of the Ahava Mineral Deadsea Water Mineral Body Lotion and I only have one word to say about this, WOW! I tweeted that I thought I may have found my new favourite body lotion and got asked to spill the beans but I was planning to keep 'schtum' until my upcoming empties video, however, I just can't contain my excitement over this product! It's incredibly moisturising, sinking into the skin almost instantly. There's no doubt that the Eve Lom Cleanser is bloody expensive but it's apparently well worth the money, plus it is recommended to use with the clarisonic and I'm constantly on the hunt for the next best thing to work in conjunction with my Mia so I have high hopes for this one!

Have you tried any of these products? What's currently on your wishlist?

Jessica x


  1. The organic coconut oil sounds promising! Right now my wishlist is endless: Chanel sunscreen, Chanel Pureté Ideale Serum, NARS tinted moisturizer, etc etc!

  2. Ooo, yes! I'm also eager to try the NARS Tinted Moisturiser! x

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