22 June 2012

3 Custom Color Light Clarifier Pencil

The amount of attempts to wear a dark pencil liner in my waterline have ended up failing miserably each and every time, I've now accepted that it just doesn't suit me and have found myself actually reaching for the complete opposite. 

For a while I had been using Benefit Eye Bright, a creamy pale pink pencil which brightens tired eyes, instantly making them look wide awake, but something about it just wasn't cutting the mustard for me and I sometimes found it to look a little too unnatural. I was on the hunt for a pencil which was slightly more flesh toned and considered possibly one of the MAC Chromagraphic pencils until I came across one of Ruth's from A Model Recommends recent makeup tutorials where she mentioned the 3 Custom Color Light Clarifier Pencil. She has amazing taste in cosmetics and skincare, so I completely trusted her opinions and after reading her blog review on this product, I was sold. Sold I tells ya.

The Light Clarifier Pencil 'perfectly complements the spectrum of skin tones - when applied to the lower inner rim of the eye, it instantly alleviates the look of red, hazy eyes, making them appear brighter, whiter and more beautiful'. As the shade is so natural, it can be used in multiple ways, also to conceal imperfections, define brows, reshape the lips and to conceal laugh lines. Plus, it's waterproof and I find it lasts pretty well considering I get watery eye syndrome as soon as I step foot outside the house (does anyone else get that?! Jesus, it's the worst thing.) I would say the nib is quite sharp and scratchy, so it's a good idea to warm the product up on the back of your hand before using it. The list of ingredients doesn't sound all that natural either, online it mentions parabens, whereas on the back of the packet it doesn't, hmm. With that aside, I am hooked on this pencil and it has fast become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. Thumbs up for it being animal friendly too! :-)

Have you discovered any products which are simply 'eye-awakening'?

Jessica x

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