15 May 2012

Essie Bachelorette Bash

I seriously got bargain of the year with this nail polish, along with another 2 in the same pack. A recent mooch around TK Maxx was not supposed to lead to any purchases but as soon as I saw these, I couldn't resist! They currently have a selection of 3-pack Essie polishes going for an insane £9.99, NOW can you see why I couldn't say no?! I was a bit cheeky and swapped one of the colours with one from another pack and ended up with the other 2 colours being different shades of nude. I've been very naughty gathering lots of new things so a beauty haul video will be on it's way very soon!

I read that there was a mix up somewhere amongst the distribution, so some packs even contain polishes from the new diffusion line. I'm really intrigued to try some of these new polishes as the brush is meant to be a lot better compared to the thin, flimsy ones in the older bottles making the application so much easier and smoother.

Bachelorette Bash is a blue toned pink, although it's not showing up true to colour on camera at all (something else I'm going to blame this English weather for!). It very much reminds me of one of my favourite lipsticks, MAC Girl About Town, but in nail polish form. 

Will you be popping down to your local TK Maxx to take up on this amazing offer? Have you tried any of the new Essie diffusion line polishes? If so, how do they compare?

Jessica x


  1. I collect Essie and have over 100 bottles but dont have this one for some strange reason, its beautiful:)
    Sara xx http://beautifulworldoflennynb.blogspot.ca/

  2. My local TK Maxx never seem to update their stock so I'll be veryyy surprised if they have these there. This is a gorgeous shade! X

  3. That looks gorgeous! :) Which nudes did you get? xx

    1. I got 'BFF Best Boyfriend' and 'It's Delicate', they're both gorgeous, I'll show them in the haul video but will probably end up doing 'NOTD's' with them too! :-) xx

  4. I went to my TK Maxx all excited but the bottles were all smashed up and the colours weren't particularly nice. Definitely going to go back this week though because it's such a bargain! Love this colour xx



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