10 May 2012

Concoction Personal Blend Shampoo

Even though I'm heavily into my cosmetics, I've found myself becoming more and more interested in which products I use for my hair. Whereas I used to pick up whatever was on offer from the supermarket shelf, I now research a brand beforehand and also look into what ingredients their products contain.

I was recently introduced Concoction, a professional haircare brand who offer a variety of made-to-measure blends to suit different hair types. Each Concoction base shampoo contains natural silk extract, which protects the hair, locks in moisture and prevents breakages. The fact that the shampoos are also paraben and silicone free gets a big tick in the box from me!

The first step of creating your own shampoo is to choose one of four fragrances, Lemon Verbena, Bakhour, Rosemary Mint or Black Pepper Citrus. You then get the choice of up to 2 SuperSerums, each suited for various hair types/problems and all containing active natural extracts, vitamins and minerals.

All fragrances sounded wonderful but I settled for the Bakhour blend, a combination of Arabian spices, sandlewood, ambergris and musk. For the first SuperSerum I chose Back To Your Roots, a blend of lavender and chamomile, which helps to calm and soothe the scalp and hair roots, I also thought it would would work perfectly with my chosen Bakhour scent. The second SuperSerum I chose was High Definition Blonde again containing chamomile which is also known for enhancing and brightening natural, coloured or highlighted hair. 

My hair certainly felt deeply cleansed, soft and the scent lingered in my hair right through till the next day. I just love the idea of being able to create your own blend and switch it up each time. The only downsides? The products contain sulfates, which is something I try my best to avoid. I'd also love to see a conditioner be released, I personally like to use the same branded shampoo and conditioner to benefit the full effects!

Concoction shampoos are available online for £12.50 a bottle. What are you thoughts on a personalised shampoo? 

Jessica x


  1. Great idea but I don't like sulfates much either if I can help it - pricey too!! looks good though :) xx

  2. I'm paying more attention to what shampoos I use as well. Before I just used to buy any old one and change around every month, but now I'm more interested in it. Although I'm not too keen on sulfates, the shampoo sounds great in that it's moisturising :) I love how you get to choose the fragrance and then superserum! xo



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