13 December 2011

Nail Rock Snowflake Edition

As you all probably know by now I am all for nail wraps and I am constantly on the look out for new designs. I have recently been introduced to Nail Rock, a brand who offer a wide variety of styles, all of which wouldn't be achievable using your regular nail varnish. 

More recently, Nail Rock have brought out a new design, especially for the festive season. Available in two different colours, the Snowflake comes in either a metallic silver finish with a delicate white snowflake pattern, or reversed in a white on silver design. I was lucky enough to get the chance of giving these a try and can give you a little look at my personal favourite of the two styles, before and after application.

When applying Nail Rock nail wraps, unlike some others, a heat source is not necessary. This does speed up the process a lot more, however, when I have used other branded nail wraps, I do feel that heating up the adhesive before applying increases security and longevity.

I also found that the wraps creased quite easily, even after lifting slightly to pull tightly back over the nail, creases were still noticeable and I found that around the free edge the wraps had began to peel a lot quicker then I would expect. Saying this, I really like the design, it's different to anything I have seen so far, plus, it's perfect for the Christmas period! 

(It was a little tricky trying to get a shot at the right angle, either the light was reflecting too much off the wraps, or my camera was visible in the reflection, but I hope you get the gist of it! )

With 16 wraps in a pack, all in various sizes, Nail Rock designer nail wraps can be applied to either fingers, lasting up to 7 days, or toes, for up to 8 whole weeks. What's better, they require no drying time, are easy to apply, and don't smudge, chip or stain the nail plate. For a little help on how to apply your nails wraps click here for my step-by-step instructions, although as previously mentioned, a heat source is not needed for Nail Rock nail wraps.

Nail Rock wraps are purchasable at around £6.50 each from a range of stockists including nailrock.com and Topshop, however, the Snowflake is limited edition and sold exclusively in Selfridges

Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. love these, i think i like the silver on black a lot better tho - stands out more ^.^

  2. Looks good! I find nail wraps quite tricky to use though- hope I get the hand of it soon! :) xx

  3. awh this is so pretty, perfect for Christmas <3


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