16 December 2011

Lashings of Blink+Go

Longer, thicker, sexier. The three words Blink+Go use to describe the effects that their mascara will create for your lashes, and they couldn't be more correct. As a first timer trying out a product from this brand, I am quite impressed, although I did find one teeny tiny fault which we'll come to in a moment..

The packaging is bold, yet simple, stylish and professional looking, something I would pick up if I saw it sitting on a shelf. Maybe this is because, unlike other some other mascaras, Blink+Go comes packaged in a box, encased in it's own holder. Snugasabuginarug.

The wand is made up of regular bristles and is small and slim, making it very easy to wiggle at the roots of the lashes to ensure full coverage. It also makes it a lot easier to apply to the lower lashes, without smearing and smudging underneath! 

(After one coat)

As I said, a no fuss application, clump-free and really does provide longer, thicker, sexier lashes. I found the first coat would be much more suitable for a natural, day time makeup, however it is build able if you want to create more definition for a glam look. 

(After 2 coats)

A second coat of this mascara later, and you are ready for an night out. The eyes look so much more full and awake, even with a heavier application, I found that my lashes didn't stick together and stayed well separated. 

What could I possibly have anything bad to say about this product you wonder? The fact is, this mascara claims to be waterproof, so I decided to put it to the test and jumped in the shower,  and to my horror, I returned from the bathroom with smears down my face complete with the dreaded panda eye effect. This would not be a good look if I were to be on holiday, exposed to warm weather, dipping in and out of the pool, or in any event where I would be guaranteed to become a bit teary eyed. Negative aside, I now know not to wear this mascara in any of the above situations and will stick to using it for day-to-day use.

Blink+Go mascara is available to purchase online for £14.99 along side other makeup items that are part of the Nouveau Beauty group.



  1. Your lashes look amazing! Shame about the false waterproof claim though.

  2. Wow, either this mascara is amazingggg, or you aready have amazing lashes anyway! Loving your blog honey :)


  3. @Jennifer - I do have quite long eye lashes but this mascara is one of the best I've tried none the less! ;-) xx

  4. That's really pretty. As you put the second coat on its not hard to brush over the already dried part is it?
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