15 November 2011

My OPI Train Case

I thought I would give you all a little insight to my favourite OPI products that I use in my line of work to carry out manicure and pedicure treatments. I was first introduced to OPI in a hotel spa I once worked in, I have since worked with other brands but nothing else seems to compare (in my opinion!). When I finally took the jump to start up my own business in beauty therapy, I knew that OPI would be a brand I would stock. The polishes are long lasting, easy to apply and available in such a wide variety of colours. The range of hand and feet products smell incredible, gently soften and deeply nourish. I have never been disappointed with the performance of these products, and more importantly my clients are always satisfied and although it does have something to do with how the treatment is carried out, using good quality products also plays a major part.

Click the video below to see what's inside my OPI train case!



  1. I love OPI! I can rely on them to have every nail lacquer shade I'm looking for!

  2. I love a bit of OPI! Great photos!!


  3. Really enjoyed the video! OPI polishes are my favourite ones as well. Which of the polishes in your collection are not opaque in two coats? Some of the lighter colours seems really sheer.

  4. Amazing collection :D i love it! haha, i like OPI a lot too.. i even think it's better than CG~

  5. Thanks everyone! :-) x

    @smileandsparkle to be honest they are all opaque after 2 coats, some look quite sheer in the bottles but apply really well. Although, 'Passion' is quite translucent, so I use this as the pink that goes over the top of the white tip in a french manicure and it gives a really natural look :-) x

  6. I've never been disappointed with an OPI polish either, I've loved all the ones I've had.

  7. i cant wait to watch this video, im a nail polish hoarder :D


  8. Great blog! Love the DIY series too!

  9. Cute train case! Where can i find one similar to it? I adore yours!


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