4 November 2011

is Mythic the new Moroccan?

I can't say that I have tried the highly raved about Moroccanoil because I haven't, so this review is no comparison, but after seeing so many great reviews, it seems to be something quite special. The only thing that put me off purchasing it is 1.) the price tag and 2.) the fact that it contains silicone. Now I'm no hair expert, but I didn't fancy the idea of smothering silicone through my locks, however, I know that many haircare products do have it as an ingredient and who am I to say whether it's safe or not to use?

Since receiving a full size version of the L'Oreal Mythic Oil in my September GlossyBox, I have used it after every hair wash without fail. This a first for the L'Oreal Professionnel line in the way of hair oils, and has seemed to fly off the shelves, instantly converting many of us.

 Enriched with a blend of avocado and grape seed oil, this lightweight treatment caters for all hair types, adding nourishment, suppleness and shine, tackling frizz and cutting down on drying time. Since my ombre experience, this has been a life saver and has completely restored moisture to the ends of my hair after they became dramatically dry and stripped of nourishment. However, after much research I am still unsure as to whether this product is silicone free, judging the fact that neither the ingredients nor the website actually state this, I guess it's not a good sign. Which ever way, I have certainly been converted and have enjoyed using this product a lot, it is now a definite staple in my haircare routine!



  1. Thanks for posting this. I think the silicone debate is an interesting one. I have the kind of hair (very very curly and thick) which responds really well to a few silicones, I can't detangle it without them. Silicones are apparently too big to be absorbed through the skin so they just kind of lubricate (hate that word!) and add a bit of slip which in my case I really need. Seriously though, it takes me about 15-20 minutes to get a comb through my hair if I'm using the more 'natural' stuff. Still, I'd love to try this oil, will put it on the Christmas list.

    Sorry for such a long comment! And by the way thank you so much for the OPI! I picked it up when I was London yesterday so I"ll be doing a 'thank you' post soon and swatches!


  2. @Pandora Haha I can't stand that word either, it gives me shivers!! Yeah, I haven't looked into it enough and like you said, it makes a huge difference for you, this ones a must, I haven't heard one bad review yet! Glad they got to you, look forward to seeing what the others look like as swatches! :D x

  3. Hey hon, Just thought I'd let you know that my OPI post is up!



  4. Great review :) I received Loreal Mythic Oil to trial also. I have only used Argan Oil before so this one was new to me. The brand Moroccanoil (contains a lot of silicones)was good at first but found it coated my hair after a while, and being blonde, the added red dye in it isn't good. I've been using 'Silk Oil of Morocco' (almost silicone-free, only contains one water soluble silicone)for the last few months. It's fantastic, doesn't leave any build-up. So far loving the Mythic Oil. I'm on the fence when it comes to silicones. Went 'silicone free' once, as I heard all the negatives about it. As a result, my hair became unmanageable! I have long, coloured hair with very dry ends prone to tangling. Let's just say, when I gave up silicones completely, it was a tangled, dry mess, I couldn't even brush it! IMO you need a balance of the right silicones, water soluble if possible. Loving the Mythic Oil, not sure what kinds of 'cones it contains but so far I haven't had any build-up problems, and my hair is so smooth and shiny :)

  5. interesting, ive been considering a hair oil for a while, i actually have one but have never used it, im worried it will make my hair really greasy... :s


  6. Sounds great, going to have to try this now! :)


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