7 October 2011

Perfect Pout: MAC 'Captive'..

I recently made a new discovery and fell in love, and then I fell in love again. The item in question being MAC's lip pencil in 'Dervish', a stunning pinky mauve tone which I have been using not to outline my lips but to fill them in, however, this wasn't very practical, and as you can see from the texture it became quite drying, so I went on the hunt for a lipstick form of Dervish that would be more moisturising and easier to apply..

'Captive', when swatched next to Dervish looks in fact a very close match, although slightly more plum toned, and clearly appears a lot more creamy and smooth.

Left: MAC 'Dervish' lip pencil, Right: MAC 'Captive' lipstick 

But, when applied to the lips, they do look completely different shades. The natural colour of my lips is actually quite dark, so this might make the difference, I'm not complaining though, Captive is beautiful and could just be my Autumn lip. It will do, for now ;-)



  1. it looks so godo on you this shade wow!!! you should wear it eevryday! :D

  2. Such a pretty shade! It looks quite similar to MAC Plumful which I really love. Is it a creamsheen finish?


  3. @Pandora I haven't tried that yet, I'll have to have a look! It's a satin finish :-) x

  4. looks like a beautiful colour, i love it :D