17 October 2011

How to: Minx Nail Wraps

Design: Minx Dual Edge Marian Newman key

Whenever I wear Minx nail wraps, I more often than not get asked, ''Aren't they difficult to apply?'', the answer is no! They are in fact extremely simple to apply, so if you're a nail wrap virgin wanting to apply your first set, here is a step-by-step guide I have put together (which personally I find the easiest method) to achieve the perfect Minx manicure!

How to: Get MINXED! 

♥ Start by choosing your preferred design. I love this brand because they offer such a wide range of patterns and colours, but there are plenty more affordable and easier to get hold of nail wraps on the market! 

♥ Most nail wraps come in a variety of sizes to suit different shaped nails. Match your nails up the the sheet of wraps to determine the correct size for each nail. If needs be, trim with nail scissors down the sides and on the rounded end.

♥ Carefully peel each wrap away from the sheet. Warm the sticky side gently under a low heat hair-dryer for roughly 10 seconds.

♥ Place the rounded edge as close to the cuticle as possible without covering it. Smooth down the centre and edges with your thumb or orange/cuticle stick. If any bubbles have appeared under the wrap, hold under the hair-dryer for a few seconds and smooth down again.

Fold the excess at the end together and trim off using a pair of nail scissors, as close to the free edge as possible.

♥ Using a nail file, preferably glass/crystal, file away the remaining excess, almost at a 45 degree angle. Make sure not to file on top of the edge of the nail as it will catch the wrap and might not last as long.

♥ Complete the same process on all other nails, et voilĂ ! 

I generally find that the nail wraps last a good 4-5 days before they begin to peel at the ends. When it comes to remove them, simply hold under a low heat hair-dryer and gently peel off!

I hope this has helped! :-)



  1. they look great, im so rubbish at doing things like this though hehe :D


  2. They look awesome! Thanks for this tutorial~ perfect timing as I'm waiting for my nail wraps to come in the mail *bookmarks post* Thanks so much for this :D Do you need to heat up your nail wraps before you use it or something? >.<

  3. @Jen, aww brill! Yep, see step number 3 & 4, I heat mine up with a low heat hair-dryer, they are heat activated, basically the glue just gets warmed up so they stick to your nail plate! Good luck with yours :D x

  4. Where do you usually get them from? It looks amazing :) xoxo

  5. @Emily Minx are quite hard to get hold of, I get mine from a beauty suppliers but they ask for proof of qualifications in Beauty Therapy, there are so many on eBay though. There are lots of other brands too, such as rebel nails (rebelnails.co.uk) hope this helps! :-) x


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